ChiveOn App Brings theCHIVE To BlackBerry 10

ChiveOn is a beta BlackBerry 10 app that just launched. Not officially a BlackBerry app as they are still waiting for approval in BlackBerry World. This version seems to be jam packed with features and you won’t be missing on anything. ChiveOn takes the pages from theCHIVE and brings it to your BlackBerry 10 device. […]

Bell TV Comes To BlackBerry 10 For The Z10 And The Q10

Bell has launched their BlackBerry 10 app, Bell TV. It’s available for both the Z10 and the Q10. Not only can you watch live tv at home, you can watch it on your device! As a Bell subscriber you will be entitled to a ton of features. Features: •Bell TV customers: Watch many channels included […]

VIKI Personal Assistant App Coming To BlackBerry 10 July 19th

BlackBerry’s personal assistant will be making her debut on July 19th. VIKI’s developers confirmed the upcoming release to those who had shown interest in the app. There was beta testing for it, but that was closed months ago. And it will be ready to go in just two days. We are glad to inform you […]

Local Search With Yelp App Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Since there is no official Yelp app for BlackBerry 10, a developer took it upon himself to create a simple, easy to you use one. All you have to do is input the city and the business and it will display the results in Yelp. And there is even a handy feature that once you […]

CascaRun Sports Tracker Now Out For BlackBerry 10 Devices

Apparently the mascot is a running Poptart.. or at least looks like one. CascaRun Sports Tracker is now available for download for BlackBerry 10. It’s like a hybrid run journal/time tracker all in one, with a slew of features. If you are into running and want to improve your times, this is the app for […]

Play CPC(8bit) Games On Your BlackBerry 10 Device With BB-CPC

Michael Ryssen is the genius behind this new app. You may recognize the name because he also created DoomGLES and HereticGLES apps. BB-CPC sticks with the same type of app, it can play CPC(8bit) games on your BlackBerry 10 device and Playbook. CPC where the app name is derived from, is actually from Amstrad CPCs, […]

Viber releases PC and Mac desktop VoIP software – BlackBerry 10 support still coming

Recently Viber released an update to their app for legacy BlackBerry devices that added voice calling, with the promise that BlackBerry 10 support was coming.  Now Viber has released a PC and Mac software for VoIP calling on the desktop.  Hopefully we will see Viber’s BlackBerry 10 app released soon, although the need to have […]

Go Music (Google Music client) New App For BlackBerry 10

There haven’t been a lot of music apps for BlackBerry released. There are tons of games, tools, and organizational apps but music apps are lacking. That doesn’t really surprise me since BlackBerry has always lacked in that department. Hopefully, with BlackBerry 10, there will be better ones to pick from. Go Music seems to be […]

iRunner Now Available For BlackBerry 10

iRunner is originally an Android app but has been ported over to BlackBerry 10. At first I actually thought this was an exercise app. Nope! It’s a game. A running game, where Mr.I has to run through the course left and right. He has objects to collect such as batteries and gifts all while not […]

HUB++ Released For BlackBerry 10

Hub++ has been released for BlackBerry 10. Customize your email accounts and texts with LED, Vibrate, Audio and Popup notifications on all incoming emails and texts. Just like the older BlackBerries, you can change the LED colors to whatever you want. That’s the first thing I did whenever I got a new BlackBerry.

Cloud Sync Your Notes With CherryNotes

Nathan Campos is the developer behind this new app, and he wanted to let us know about it. Great idea for an app, store the notes on the device and also store/edit in the cloud. You do have the option of choosing which notes get stored in the cloud and which ones get stored on […]

Text Count Alert App For Blackberry Smart Phones

For those who are on a limited text package or pay per use, this app will come in handy. It does what its name implies. All of the texts are counted, and you can set it to warn you monthly or daily if you exceed your limit. Saves you the trouble of having to remember […]

Make your Screen Captures More Informative with Capture Nux!

Ok there are quite a few screen capture application for your Blackberry Smartphone, but wish there was a way to add more information to these screen shots? Now you can with the updated version of Capture Nux v4.6 for Blackberry Smartphones!  Make your capture screen more informative, capture screen with timer, preview and editor.