Check Out WebWorks “Bootstrap” Sample

BlackBerry has released Built For BlackBerry WebWorks “Bootstrap” sample. The sample makes it easier for BlackBerry 10 app developers to make Built for BlackBerry certified apps. Chad from BlackBerry actually created the sample “to focus more of your time on the functionality of your app, rather than the actual UI and setup.”

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C

We already saw this OS build leak out today for the BlackBerry Z10, and now we have it for the Dev Alpha C.  Now of course you want to remember that this is not an official build and it can do some damage, but most of the reports coming in are saying that this is […]

Carphone Warehouse Selfridges sells out of BlackBerry Q10’s in 90 minutes

There was no doubt that the BlackBerry Q10 was going to be a hit with traditional BlackBerry fans, but it seems that people are going crazy over it.  According to early reports Carphone Warehouse Selfridges in the UK sold out of 2000 Q10’s in only 90 minutes today.  Now there are a few caveats before […]

Sencha Touch 2.2 Gets Released

Sencha Touch is now at v2.2 with new features. When Sencha Touch 2.1.1 was released, a BlackBerry 10 theme had been added. With the new updates, it’s much easier for developers to make BlackBerry 10 apps.

BlackBerry Keep Moving Project – Robert Rodriguez Act 3

We are getting very close to seeing the final product of Robert Rodriguez’s BlackBerry Keep Moving Project.  In this latest video from the Project we get to see some of the post production work that goes into making a short film.  There have been tons of submissions to this Project, and while the deadline for […]

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 1.0.1 in BlackBerry World

For all you fans of the Twitter client Blaq, you will be happy to know that the BlackBerry 10 version of the app has been updated in BlackBerry World.  The update brings Blaq to version 1.0.1 and it includes a bunch of bug fixes, as well as some new features. Here is the changelog for […]

Incipio announces their BlackBerry Q10 case lineup

If you are planning on getting a BlackBerry Q10 when it is released, and have been wondering which case manufacturers are going to be making products, you can check off Incipio on that list.  While they are not yet available Incipio has released some info as well as images of the cases they will be […]

BlackBerry Q10 To Come With Class 1 Bluetooth, Better Than BlackBerry Z10

Some interesting news, the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 will have Class 1 Bluetooth. In comparison the BlackBerry Z10 phones have either Class 2 or Class 1.5 Bluetooth range based on the model. Why does class matter? Well, the the lower the number is the farther range the Bluetooth will have. Usually the Bluetooth objects have to […]

BlackBerry named Canada’s top ICT company by Branham Group

BlackBerry has taken top spot this year in the Branham Group’s report on top ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies within Canada.  The Branham Group looks at revenue to determine which Canadian company will take top honours. While BlackBerry did not have their best year, they have shown that they are on the rise with […]

BlackBerry World STILL Down for You?? Try This Fix

JDuke from OSBB has a BAR file that you can simply sideload to you BlackBerry Z10 to fix whatever BlackBerry World issues you may still be having. This is a third party BAR file and you sideload it using vnBB10 and or localBar2, and download the nifty fix here Thanks, @BerryReview Previously Updated Work Around Go into your music app. Tap the three dot […]

Developers can now sign up for early access to Unity BlackBerry Add-On Open Beta

Unity has been working on an add-on that will let developers easily bring their games to BlackBerry 10.  Today Unity has announced that developers can now sign up for early access to the add-on open beta that will be made available to everyone later this spring.  Unity is looking for qualified devs to sign up […]

Review: The Simple Wallet case for the BlackBerry Z10 from MobileFun

The folks over at MobileFun were kind enough to send over a few different products for us to take a look at, the first one being a wallet case for the BlackBerry Z10.  If you are looking for a way to carry around your Z10 and some credit cards, ID and maybe a little cash […]

Review: dbrand skin for the BlackBerry Z10

Customizing your BlackBerry Z10 with a case or skin can make you stand out from other Z10 owners.  A lot of people do this with a case, but you always have to deal with whatever bulk that case adds to the feel of the phone.  Dbrand Inc. is looking to change that with their BlackBerry […]

LIME Jamaica live streaming Now on the BlackBerry Z10 Launch

The BlackBerry Z1o is continues it’s push in other markets and Jamaica has setup a live feed on their Facebook page. Join in LIME Jamaica Live Streaming Now. Hit the jump to watch it now! Our customers are pumped and waiting with high anticipation for the introduction of the BlackBerry Z10 to Jamaica. We have a spectacular launch planned […]

Highlights from the Developer Beta build of BlackBerry 10.1 []

Yesterday the developer beta build of BlackBerry 10 os was released for the Dev Alpha B, Dev Alpha C and even the Z10.  Now of course we warn people this is only meant for developers and is not a final, or full build of the operating system.  With all that in mind, there is still […]

Etisalat begins pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10

If you are an Etisalat customer and have been waiting to pre-order a BlackBerry Q10, you can do so on their site.  As an added bonus for those looking to pre-order, Etisalat is offering a deal where the first 6 months of their complete, unlimited and global BlackBerry plans will be 50% off when you […]

Tim Hortons shows some love for BlackBerry with new commercial

Tim Hortons has decided to show their support of BlackBerry and the new Z10 with a new commercial that has been airing in Canada.  Most people have reported seeing during hockey games, but it has not been posted to any official YouTube channel or Tim Hortons’ site.  Lucky for us BOOKWORM19591 was able to capture the commercial […]

BlackBerry Z10 US Usage Share Doubled Since Launch

There has been, ever since the launch of the Z10 is the US’, over how well or not so well the BlackBerry Z10 has been doing. Many analyst and or enthusiast have scrutinized the sales and adoption rate of the Z10. Shareholders and the stock price has suffered as a result of which. It has been perceived that the stock price has been […]

Battery Watch And Lock From S4BB Get Updates

S4BB let us know that they have updated their free Battery Watch and Lock apps. This is actually an older OS app, but S4BB is continuing to update and support them. The update was fairly minor, with bug fixes and overall performance for both. Battery Watch keeps track of how much battery you have left, […]