Neatly for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with lots of new features

If you are not a fan of the native Twitter client for BlackBerry 10, then you may have already given Neatly a try.  It is a great alternative that provides you with many of the features the native client is missing.  Today Neatly for BlackBerry 10 received a big update that includes some new features, […]

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 gets updated to v10.0.0.45

The native Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 has received an update today.  This latest update brings the version up to, however there is no change log as of yet.  Hopefully we will start to see some drastic improvements to the native Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 as it is not what we would call […]

BlackBerry Keep Moving Project: Alicia Keys Ep. 1

Mobile Link Alicia Keys this time, new BlackBerry Global Creative Director, chimes in with the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project. She is planning to take her BlackBerry Z10 device to create her Keep Moving Project. She’s  collecting photos of her fans in every city she visits this year to create an amazing series of music videos. Follow her […]

BlackBerry granted patent for gesture recognized touch-free image manipulation

BlackBerry has been granted a new patent today that touches upon gesture recognition for photo manipulation.  The latest patent deals specifically with how one will interact with a photo or image on their smartphone without having to actually touch the screen.

BlackBerry Keep Moving – Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales Episode 2

We have already seen the first episode of Neil Gaiman’s BlackBerry Keep Moving project, Calendar of Tales.  Today the second episode of his project has been posted by BlackBerry on the Keep Moving Hub.  This episode focuses on the response that Gaiman got from his Twitter questions, and how his 12 short stories were put together.

BlackBerry rumored to be considering exiting the Korean Market

It seems that BlackBerry is really looking hard at markets where they have not seen great sales numbers.  We have already reported about their decision to not bring any new smartphones into Japan, and now it looks like Korea may be the next market to get the axe.  According to a Korean new wire Yonhap, […]

BlackBerry Z10 currently reigns as People’s Choice in Phonedog Media’s Smartphone Rankings

BlackBerry has taken a lot of criticism from tech journalists and reviewers since the announcement of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10. Most reviews have pointed towards the Z10 being a valiant effort, but that it is not enough for BlackBerry to see any kind of rebound.  Well the people have spoken and it seems […] Realtime Mobile App Analytics Released For BlackBerry 10 Realtime Mobile App Analytics keeps track of what your app is doing. This is a good tool for developers to see how their app is performing daily. The Dashboard is the main feature which keeps multiple stats in one place, easily accessible.

BlackBerry 10 Link USB Sync to Outlook Coming Soon

For those of you that like to sync your calendar and contacts via Outlook, you will be happy to know that USB sync will be coming to Link soon.  I have switched to solely using wireless sync, as Gmail makes it so easy, however I do know that a lot of people still rely heavily […]

BlackBerry Z10 set to launch in Turkey on February 19th

Another country is getting ready to launch the BlackBerry Z10.  Tomorrow Turkey will see the Z10 become available from carriers Turkcell and Avea starting tomorrow.

Rogers getting ready to offer discounts for month-to-month customers that bring their own device

One of the main problems I have with Canadian carriers is that they offer no discounts on monthly plans if you bring your own device.  Sure you avoid signing a 3 year contract, but your monthly bill is the same as those people who signed up with a 100% subsidized device.  Luckily Rogers is getting […]

Alicia Keys shows off her white Z10 at the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

The Global Creative Director for BlackBerry has recently been under a microscope after an apparently “hacked” tweet from her account was sent on a iOS device.  Well this weekend Alicia Keys has been at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston and has been rocking a white BlackBerry Z10.  It is great to see Keys showing off the […]

Plans To Bring BBM Voice And Video To UAE As BlackBerry And Du Confirm They Are Being Tested

When BlackBerry 10 was launched in Dubai, it was confirmed that BlackBerry is in negotiations with Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) and telecom operators to allow BBM voice and video messaging. Jamie Moran, Global Director for Carriers and Retail Marketing at BlackBerry, confirmed this by saying: “We continue to negotiate with the officials here. I am […]

Wondering how much the BlackBerry Z10 components cost? Here is the answer

It is common place for new smartphones to get torn down, and then usually they get priced out.  It is always interesting to see what manufacturers are paying for components that they use in their devices.  Typically a $550-650 (retail) smartphone will actually cost approx. $150-200.  The Blackberry Z10 has gone through the tear down […]

WhatsApp Coming To BlackBerry 10 After All, In The Works

WhatsApp had originally said that they weren’t going to do an app for BlackBerry 10. Seems they didn’t think BlackBerry 10 was going to be successful and thus not worth making an app. Since we know that BlackBerry 10 has been selling really well, they have changed their minds. Now they are in the process […]

Texture Compression And GPUs On BlackBerry 10

We received an email regarding the Texture Compression and GPUs on BlackBerry 10. This info is important for any developers for are making games for BlackBerry World. There are links to detailed instructions to make your game fully functional, as you will need to repackage the game. If you do not follow the specifications then […]

BlackBerry announces Secure Work Space for both iOS and Android devices

One of the huge benefits of BlackBerry 10 for enterprise customers is the addition of BlackBerry Balance.  Now this really comes into play if your company follows a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.  However a BYOD policy can be a headache for IT admins if they are having to manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android […]

A look at the Transform Shell case for the BlackBerry Z10

We have already looked at the Flip Shell case for the BlackBerry Z10, and now we are going to check out the Transform Shell case.  Both of these two cases are OEM accessories and bring their own pros and cons.  In the end a case is a very personal choice, but I would have no […]

A look at the Flip Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Now that some of you out there have your hands on the new BlackBerry Z10, I am sure that you are wondering what cases to get.  There are always a wide selection of cases for BlackBerry, from either third-party case makers and even from BlackBerry themselves.  One of the BlackBerry OEM cases for the Z10 […]