Lenovo Really Was Considering A Bid For BlackBerry, But The Canadian Government Got In The Way

Amongst the contenders for BlackBerry was Lenovo. They actually were considering a bid but were stopped in their tracks. And it had nothing to do with money. No the Canadian Government vetoed them. Specifically, Canadian government said it would not accept a Chinese takeover due to national security. And that is why there were no […]

Gadget Box Gets Some New Features

Gadget Box has been updated to v1.12.0.66. Gadget Box is the multi tool utility app for BlackBerry 10. There are a ton of handy tools to pick from with more to come. A new tool was added and some fixes as well. What’s in the update? New gadget – Shape Calculator! Areas, Volumes, Angles and […]

BlackBerry’s Newest Interim CEO Is Saying BlackBerry Is Going To Keep Making Smartphones

A whirlwind of news today about BlackBerry. Some surprising and some not. BlackBerry is still going forward with making smartphones. This is admirable considering their manufacturer is bailing on them, sales have been down and they are laying off people left and right. Newly appointed interim CEO John S.Chen has a lot on his plate […]

Make Is A Starbucks Client App You Can Use On Your BlackBerry 10 Device

There’s no official Starbucks app for BlackBerry 10. The developer of Make has taken it upon himself to fix that problem. The app has a lot of features so far. The only thing missing is the ability to check your card balance, and Star and reward count is not synced with the account.But you are […]

CIBC App Updated, Now Can Be Used On BlackBerry Q10

A little while back we told you about the launch of the CIBC app in conjunction with Rogers. The CIBC Mobile payment app allows you to use your phone to make purchases up to $50. At the time, only BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Z10 were supported. Now the app has been updated and can […]

Here We Go It’s Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, Sony and Ericsson Vs Google, Samsung, HTC And Huawei, This Time It’s About Patents

Rockstar, who owns Nortel’s patents is going to fight a patent infringement along with Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony. They are accusing Google, HTC, Huawei of 7 patent infringements. The patents are related to “help match internet search terms with relevant advertising.” Back when Nortel’s patents were for sale, Google was one of the […]

The Cross Platform Messaging War Wages On, WhatsApp vs BBM Continue Bashing One Another

Since BBM launched for all, there has been back and forth banter between WhatsApp and BBM fans. More specifically the Facebook WhatsApp page is a fan page and doesn’t belong to WhatsApp. But the fans are raging hard against BBM anyway. They used Batman to get their point across, suggesting that BlackBerry is “dead.” And […]

You Can Now Order A Z30 Through Rogers Online

As promised, Rogers is now selling the BlackBerry Z30 on their website. As you recall, they weren’t planning on selling the phone originally. No, they were quite content with their current BlackBerry lineup. That angered a lot of people. The backlash it created made Rogers reconsider their position on selling the phone, so here we […]

Don’t Like The BBM Action Bar? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

For those on Android and Iphone who are still getting used to BBM may not know how to get rid of that pesky BBM action bar. Why is it such a problem? It takes up quite a bit of screen real estate. On the home page of BBM, it shows your contacts on the left. […]

BlackBerry Smartphones Among Devices Being Smuggled In China

BlackBerrys were among the many devices stolen in a smuggling ring going on in China. They were 30 people involved through two gangs. There was a total of 500 BlackBerrys found along with Iphones, Ipads and accessories. The amount estimated stolen was 300 million yuan. They use stores with the older “antiquated” BlackBerrys to hide […]

Verizon Releases BlackBerry Z30 Price And Launch Date

Verizon has finally announced the date of the upcoming launch of the Z30. They are the first mobile telecom in the US to do so. Last week we told you that they had a landing page for the Z30 but no release date in sight. It appears that it is coming in November. The cost? […]

Noted For BlackBerry 10, Gets An Update

Noted, the feature heavy BlackBerry 10 app, got updated. It is now at v3.0. It is an in depth full note coverage app. Anytime you need to write something down, just put it in Noted. And they’ve added a few new features this time around. What’s in the update? Linked Notes – shortcuts to plain […]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Has A Z10, More Secure Than Your Z10

Merkel is often seen with her BlackBerry 10 device. That in and of itself doesn’t seem terribly remarkable. Until you consider that people who are high in government positions in their country’s are concerned about security. Their device needs to be highly secure as they don’t want confidential information getting out. Specific problems as of […]

Flipboard now available for the BlackBerry Z10!

Flipboard has finally been officially released for the BlackBerry Z10! This release is long over do because at one point it was released in BlackBerry World and then yanked out. We are happy to report that it is available for both the Z10 and Z30, no word on the Q5 or Q10 at this time. […]

BlackBerry Knows All About Those Sketchy BBM Reviews On Android

Sigh.. can’t people leave well enough alone? Just after the launch of BBM for all there are loads of reviews on Google Play popping up. A lot of them are real but a huge portion of them are 5 star and 1 star and very suspicious. The key to knowing whether they are real or […]

BBM Not Launched Right Away In Sub Saharan Africa, BlackBerry Says Why

BBM was a global release for both the Iphone and Android. Mostly global, because it was not launched in Sub Saharan Africa. In fact, it will be three days after the launch of BBM for all before it can be downloaded there. Why? Samsung has an exclusive on the app in their store. BlackBerry spoke […]

WhatsApp Has More Security Problems, A Sign That More People Should Have BBM

A few weeks back, we told you about WhatsApp being hacked. The problem was quickly fixed at the time. Now it seems that they are having more problems. What’s happening now? It appears that even if you die, your WhatsApp account with show activity without you! How is that? Because the phone number is what […]

Coller Capital Is Now In Line To Bid For BlackBerry

Coller Capital, founded in 1990 by Jeremy Coller, is one of the leading global investors in the private equity secondary market (also known as secondaries). These guys are the latest to be interested in a purchase of BlackBerry. They’ve made the interest public, and they are reported to be interested in purchasing BlackBerry along with […]

Google Makes Improvements For CardDAV

Google has gone and added new features and made improvements to CardDAV. They are mostly pushing it as being for the Iphone but it affects BlackBerry as well. CardDav allows you to sync your BlackBerry contacts through Gmail. We will be getting full screen contact photos, this new feature has been a long time coming […]

BBM for Android Adds Widget To Keep you Moving

BBM4All has finally launched and now growing well over 10 million downloads, Android users of BBM have a little something extra added to their BBM application. If you press and hold down on the BBM icon you can launch the “add widget” feature. This will allow you to add BBM as a widget to your Android […]