RIM Clears Up Issue With BBM 7.0.1 Downloads In The Beta Zone

Earlier this week BBM 7.0.1 went live in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and many users encountered an issue with the downloads.  This version of BBM brought many bug fixes, but more importantly it was made available to those users still on OS 5.0. 

Blips, Make Comic Book Sounds With Your Blackberry Smartphone

Lovers of comics will love this app. It’s filled with 28 sounds, 12 sayings, 18 backgrounds, and 6048 different combos of words that can be found in comics from the 60’s and 70’s. Right now I can hear that splat sound in my head.

TalkBox App Available For Beta Download

TalkBox for Blackberry is available for beta download. The app is considered to be a voice chat app/walkie talkie. I think of it as a glorified voice mail app kinda. You can send voice messages to people all over the world. Or even do a voice post on Twitter or Facebook.