Photo Studio Pro Update to

Photo Studio Pro pushed an update that shocked me a little… It has been said recently that legacy devices such as that on OS 5-7 will no longer be supported and I had presumed that a lot of developers would follow suit and give up on people on the old qwerty’s. The update consists of: […]


UberSocial Gets An Update For Older BlackBerry Devices

UberSocial for Legacy BlackBerry phones got an update to v1.419. UberSocial is a Twitter client that supports BlackBerry devices going as far back as OS4.5. Some of the features include: Features: Inner Circle Don’t miss Tweets from your BFFs – Create a “favorite users” list and save yourself hassle searching for their Tweets in your […]

50 Million BBM Voice Calls Placed since BBM 7 Launch

BlackBerry recently announced that more than 50 Million BBM voice calls have occurred since the launch of BBM 7.  This is pretty amazing considering BBM7 has only been available for 3 months and during that time it was only for OS6, OS7, and BB10 devices.  This boils down to over 500,000 Voice calls placed EVERY […]

Sideswipe for BlackBerry Updated

We received an update from the SideSwipe team telling us that their software beta was just updated to a new version.

Contacts Cleaner App For Blackberry Smartphones

Nope, you can’t use it to clean your eye contacts. This app helps to clean out any extra contacts,duplicates of contacts. This is really helpful for someone who uses a Blackberry for Business use primarily and has a big contact list.

Thrutu Gets An Update To v1.5.0 Will Soon Have Support For Blackberry 7 Devices

Thrutu got updated to v1.5.0. In the update they added BBM features to contacts that use the Android and iOS platforms. Currently there is support for OS5 and OS6 devices with OS7 support coming very soon. hit the break for a video on how Thrutu works!

BerrySync Connects Your Blackberry To Mozilla Firefox’s Saved Bookmarks On Your Home Computer And More

BerrySync just launched v1.0. This app essentially takes your Mozilla Firefox browser from home and puts it on your phone. You can access your bookmarks, open tabs and browser history all on your Blackberry by syncing your phone and computer. Check out the video and see how it works. Devices running OS5 or higher can […]

IOneStudioos Puts Out The Graffiti Theme For Blackberry

That spray can looks mighty angry. Check out this newly launched theme. It is colorful and has neat little icons. It is compatible with devices running OS5 and up. Theme description: Graffiti is for all of You who search amusing, funny, different and in the same time functional. It will entertain You with something new […]

SecondTab For BlackBerry

For most of us we have already loaded the OS6 on our phone and discovered the tabs that are available in the browser. Now i know there are some of us that are stuck with OS5 (sorry Pat), and don’t have the option for tabbed browsing. Well now there is a fix for that; and it is called SecondTab. This […]