Air Force Swaps 5,000 BlackBerry Devices to iPhones

“The Air Force is replacing 5,000 of its BlackBerry devices with Apple smartphones, in a broader move to eradicate the legacy devices in favor of more modern commercial technologies” Currently in use is a mixture of OS6 and OS7 Legacy devices so I can understand the need.. the requirement.. the demand to upgrade to “more […]


Photo Studio Pro Update to

Photo Studio Pro pushed an update that shocked me a little… It has been said recently that legacy devices such as that on OS 5-7 will no longer be supported and I had presumed that a lot of developers would follow suit and give up on people on the old qwerty’s. The update consists of: […]

UberSocial Gets An Update For Older BlackBerry Devices

UberSocial for Legacy BlackBerry phones got an update to v1.419. UberSocial is a Twitter client that supports BlackBerry devices going as far back as OS4.5. Some of the features include: Features: Inner Circle Don’t miss Tweets from your BFFs – Create a “favorite users” list and save yourself hassle searching for their Tweets in your […]

50 Million BBM Voice Calls Placed since BBM 7 Launch

BlackBerry recently announced that more than 50 Million BBM voice calls have occurred since the launch of BBM 7.  This is pretty amazing considering BBM7 has only been available for 3 months and during that time it was only for OS6, OS7, and BB10 devices.  This boils down to over 500,000 Voice calls placed EVERY […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9780 From T-Mobile

T-Mobile did an update to the BlackBerry Bold 9780, which has OS 6. No available changelog. It looks like this may be for T-Mobile Austria only though I can’t confirm that.

MMMOOO Offering Doodle Monster Band Theme Free

MMMOOO’s theme Doodle Monster Band is free for a week. It has a halloweenish feel to it, seeing as they are monsters. A nice freebie for older devices running 4.5 to 6.0.

Cadencia Theme By Pootermobile

Check out Pootermobile’s latest theme for Blackberry smart phones. This is a simple but nice theme which also has the date at the top center.

Sideswipe for BlackBerry Updated

We received an update from the SideSwipe team telling us that their software beta was just updated to a new version.

Contacts Cleaner App For Blackberry Smartphones

Nope, you can’t use it to clean your eye contacts. This app helps to clean out any extra contacts,duplicates of contacts. This is really helpful for someone who uses a Blackberry for Business use primarily and has a big contact list.

Cut The Thread Game For Blackberry

Cut The Thread isn’t really a good title for this game. I am thinking Feed The Puppy Something would be more accurate. In the vain of cut the rope, you must cut the thread to get the item to the puppy. It gets more challenging as you pass each level.

Thrutu Gets An Update To v1.5.0 Will Soon Have Support For Blackberry 7 Devices

Thrutu got updated to v1.5.0. In the update they added BBM features to contacts that use the Android and iOS platforms. Currently there is support for OS5 and OS6 devices with OS7 support coming very soon. hit the break for a video on how Thrutu works!

BerrySync Connects Your Blackberry To Mozilla Firefox’s Saved Bookmarks On Your Home Computer And More

BerrySync just launched v1.0. This app essentially takes your Mozilla Firefox browser from home and puts it on your phone. You can access your bookmarks, open tabs and browser history all on your Blackberry by syncing your phone and computer. Check out the video and see how it works. Devices running OS5 or higher can […]

The Hockey News + Polar Mobile = Brand New Hockey Apps For Every NHL Team!

To coincide with the start of the hockey season in October, Polar Mobile teamed up again with The Hockey News to create team apps. That’s right, every NHL team will have their own app on Blackberry App World.

Monte Carlo Solitaire Game, Get It Free For Your Blackberry OS6 And OS7 Device

Monte Carlo is not your standard Solitaire Game. Instead of playing using the various length of rows, you use a 5×5 grid.You also have to match pairs of the same rank that are touching one another (side by side, top and bottom, or diagonal) So it is a little trickier.

Leaked Email Setup Application v7.11.0614.1454 OS6 ONLY

Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks! Now we have a leaked Email Setup Application v7.11.0614.1454. We just saw Leaked: Email Setup Application v6.11.0516.1613 yesterday. This latest leak comes from the newest BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS leak.

BBM6 Now Available In Beta Zone

If you have been waiting for an official pre-release of the upcoming BlackBerry Messenger, now is your chance. For those of us enrolled in RIMs Blackberry Beta Zone, an early version of BBM6 is ready for testing.  If you are wondering what has been changed or updated in this version here are the key features and highlights; […]

Leaked: Visual VoiceMail v3.0.0.122 for OS6

Leaked: BlackBerry News v1.1.0.12 for OS6

Sprint Releases Official OS6 for Bold 9650 and Curve 9330

For all of you that didn’t want to load a leaked version of OS6 on your Sprint Boldor Curve 3G; your day has finally come. Sprint is starting to push an OFFICIAL version of OS6 to your phone. Yes, you read that right. You can go to the download site here and get the OS for […]

Verizon Wireless Sending flyers showing off OS6 benefits

We are all aware of the benefits of BlackBerry OS 6 but now many customers are seeing in writing the benefits via a flyer that Verizon is sending out. In this flyer you can see images of a Bold 9650 and the Curve 9330 3G. This is giving us hope that OS6 will soon be […]