BlackBerry Releases A Patch For BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 MDM Software

BlackBerry released a patch to fix a remote code vulnerability. The patch covers BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 MDM software. From ThreatPost: “The problem lies in the Universal Device Service (UDS) that’s installed by default in BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) versions 10.0 to 10.1.2. If an attacker has access to the corporate network that’s hosting the […]


Patch Available For All Recent Versions Of Blackberry Enterprise Server, No Longer Vulnerable

The BES from v5.0.1 to v5.0.3 MR2 were the ones that affected the most. But the issues that made them vulnerable were fixed in ES v5.0.3 MR3 for both Exchange and Lotus Domino,it exploited by users visiting a website with a malicious TIFF or PNG image file or even an email with such an image. […]

RIM Issues Patches For Another ‘High Severity’ PDF Distiller Vulnerability

Now this is mainly a concern for anyone that is running on a BES, but it seems that RIM has had to issue a patch to ‘put the fire out’ on another security risk.  With this happening every few months for the last couple of years one would hope that RIM is trying to solve […]