RPX Corporation Purchases Rockstar Patents

SAN FRANCISCO – December 23, 2014 – RPX Corporation (NASDAQ: RPXC) today announced that its subsidiary, RPX Clearinghouse LLC, executed an agreement to purchase the patent assets controlled by Rockstar Consortium LLC. Rockstar is the entity formed in 2011 by Apple, Blackberry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony to purchase approximately 6,000 patent assets from the Nortel […]

BlackBerry Solidifies Patents on Wearables, Conference Calling, and More!

We just love it when BlackBerry adds more patents. Today an announcement coming in from Bloomberg, BlackBerry has been award 26 new patents to add to their portfolio. Most of the time when adding new patents its usually old news or something we have already seen before in someway however going through the list which […]

Typo Products Requesting Case Dismissal Against BlackBerry

Typo Products is being sued by BlackBerry for their iPhone keyboard that bears a striking resemblance to the keyboard that BlackBerry has developed for their smartphones.  Typo was is in front of the Federal Court speaking to the judge presiding over the case requesting that they dismiss the case on the grounds that the patents […]

BlackBerry’s Certicom Encryption Patents Might Actually Pay Off

Way back in 2009 BlackBerry spent a ridiculous amount of money for Certicom. By spending $106 Million, they acquired all of Certicom’s Encryption Patents. Among the many patents, elliptic curve cryptography. This method of encryption is used by BlackBerry and the government only. As other companies use RSA and Diffie-Hellman even though elliptic is more […]

BlackBerry shows off a Flex Screen Smartphone Display in latest patent submission

BlackBerry has been busy of late.  With he launch of BlackBerry 10, the Z10 and Q10 and soon to be Q5, you wouldn’t think they would have had much time for much else.  However in a new patent submission you can see that BlackBerry has been working on flexible screen technology for the future.  In […]

BlackBerry submits patent for wearable computer accessory

It seems that even BlackBerry is looking at getting into the wearable tech game.  Google has had the most media attention of late thanks to Google Galls, but it seems that BlackBerry is also looking to enter the wearable tech market with some accessories to pair nicely with your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry’s conceptual accessory is […]

BlackBerry granted patent for gesture recognized touch-free image manipulation

BlackBerry has been granted a new patent today that touches upon gesture recognition for photo manipulation.  The latest patent deals specifically with how one will interact with a photo or image on their smartphone without having to actually touch the screen.

BlackBerry Files Patents on Hidden Keyboards – 007 Eat your heart out!

BlackBerry has filed for two new patents on hidden keyboards. Now these patents are not your normal everyday slider like the BlackBerry Torch 900/9810. These keyboards actually retract into the device like a turtle pulling his head in the shell. It is an interesting concept to say the least, but don’t look for it to […]

Patent Troll Gobbles up 2,000 Patents from Ericsson as Fuel to Suing RIM, Apple, and Google

Patent Troll Unwired Planet last year filed a patent infringement complaint towards RIM and a few other big name companies, Apple and Google included. They now have purchased more than 2,000 new patents to add to it portfolio. Ericsson has transferred 2,185 U.S and international patents and patent applications to Unwired Planet, mostly containing 2G, […]

RIM Files Patent To Prevent “Inconspicuous Use Of Cameras”

The idea of IT espionage is noting new, and RIM has even been at the wrong end of a “Mr. Blurrycam” photo or two.  Well RIM has submitted a patent on tech that will prevent “inconspicuous use of cameras” on their devices.  The idea is that the user will be required to maintain focus on […]

RIM applies for patent on “system generated blog entries”

RIM has filed for approval on a new patent today.  The patent is one for “system generated blog entries” for the new BlackBerry 10 operating system.  The idea is that once a “trigger event” is performed , say like taking a picture, you will be able to write your caption or story and then post it […]

RIM ordered to pay $147.2 million in damages to Mformation in patent lawsuit

The news just keeps getting worse from RIM these days.  Not only are they facing a ton of criticism for delaying BlackBerry 10 and having a poor earnings report, they have now lost a patent suit with Mformation over enterprise server software.  The suit was originally filed back in 2008 and yesterday a San Francisco court […]

Nokia adds three more patents to their suit against RIM

In the current mobile technology environment it seems like everyone is filing some kind of patent suit against someone else.  Nokia launched a suit against RIM back in May, and today Nokia has added three more patents to the suit.  Both of the parties involved in this one have quite an extensive patent portfolio so […]

RIM patent application points towards possible new unlock alternative

RIM has submitted quite a few patent applications over the last few weeks.  Previous applications have been for new keyboards, smartphone docks and even a potential foray into forensics peripherals.  The newest application from RIM points towards the possibility of a new “pressure sensitive” unlock alternative.  By the description that is attached to the application […]

RIM Applies for Two More Fuel Cell Patents

Research in Motion has applied for two more very similar patents for electronic devices, this time for fuel cells. One of the patents was for the frame of a fuel cell and the other for the actual fuel tank. Their initial goal for both patents is to show exactly how a fuel cell can fit […]

RIM patents Fuel Cell Manufacture for Mobile Phones

Engineers in Waterloo have been developing some new things to help bring RIM back to the fore front of cellular technology.