CES 2012 Reveals More About Playbook OS 2.0 And Blackberry 10

Marty Mallick, a senior director of business development at RIM, spoke to PCMag at CES 2012 and he a lot to say about PB OS2.0 and BB 10. Namely, what is going to be featured, and what is new.


Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis Talks About The Future Plans For BlackBerry – “Super Phone”

In an interview with PCMag’s Sascha Segan at CES, RIM’s Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis had a lot to talk about.  Mike Lazaridis went into some details about RIM’s plan for a BlackBerry “super phone” stating:  We are in Vegas let’s party!! Haha Just kidding. The future BlackBerry  “super phone” will run a scaled down version of RIM’s QNX OS running on […]