Check Out Colorize for the BlackBerry Z10! – Add Color to Photos Anyway You Want!

Ever since I picked up my BlackBerry Z10, I just cannot stop taking photos (I even picked up an OlloClip for the iPhone 4/4S). Well a good buddy of mine Harry aka @footose let me know about a very cool application called Colorize that was just released into BlackBerry World tonight. Colorize helps you modify […]

Use flipStagram To Look At Pictures On Instagram On Your Playbook

flipStagram allows you to view other people’s photos on Instagram. The developer created the app for the Playbook because it has more pixels and thus better viewing. Although you cannot take your own pictures with it, you can still look at others in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Photo X Photo Viewer/Editor For BB 10 Devices Get The Download

Louis Keeper is the guy behind this new photo app. And the good news is that you can already download it. The photo app is pretty cool for the first of what I am sure will be many. Features: Browse photos on BlackBerry 10 device Auto Change Wallpaper base on photos inside users defined folder. […]

Notes on Pictures: Add a Little Something Extra to your BlackBerry Photos!

There’s nothing like a picture… Yes, but sometimes you wish you could add a little personal text before you sent it to your dear friends. With Notes on Pictures, nothing is easiest ! Pick a picture on your BlackBerry or use your camera, add text, maybe your BBM profile image and your BBM name.

Photo Studio For Blackberry Smartphones And The Playbook Gets An Update

Photo Studio was updated to v1.1. What’s in the update? support action sets: collect interesting operations into action sets and apply them again to new photos. new lens boost tool available in PRO version new effects in Lomo category UI improvements & bug-fix

Burst Camera App, Get A Good Picture.. Or About 20 Of The Same One

I appsolutely (sorry had to do it) love photo applications like this. Kids, pets, action shots, anything moving, it is hard to get a good shot. You have to keep getting the camera to take a picture and then start again. In those precious seconds, you could have the money shot. But no, kitty ran […]

Panoramic Photo App For The Playbook

Panoramic was just launched for the Playbook. It’s a photo app that allows you to take panoramic photos with your Playbook. With the relatively small size of the Playbook it is easy to take photos.