A Look At The BlackBerry 10 Photo Editor – Instagram Like Filters And All!

It isn’t exactly news that the BlackBerry 10 Photo Editor was going to contain some Instagram like filters and the sort.  Well the gang over at BlackBerryEmpire have just posted a ton of pics that show off the photo editor in detail.  I am not a huge fan of most filters, but I am sure […]

More Pics of the BlackBerry 10 Instagram Like Photo Editor

BlackBerry 10 has been rumored to be launching with its own Instagram like photo editing software.  As you can see in these pics it looks a lot like Instagram, even so much that we thought it was an Instagram app for BlackBerry 10.  As this is core function it will allow you to easily share your filtered […]

Pixelator app lets you edit photos on your BlackBerry PlayBook

We all know how much fun it is to add some filters and effects to our photos.  There is now a new app for your BlackBerry PlayBook that will let you add some borders, filters and effects to all your favourite pics.  Pixelator is the latest photo editing app the game, and it only costs […]

Edit your Photos FREE Online with Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The Blackberry Playbook has a great camera that can take photos with two great HD cameras front facing and rear facing. One of things that the Playbook lacks is a great native picture editing software and sure you can launch few of these applications can offer you some help to get your photo like you […]

Edit photos on the go with Uber Iris for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Photo Editing software has been the new thing to develop as of late.  iOS and android users have Instagram, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of development of these apps for the BlackBerry platform. Xlabz  has changed this with the introduction of Uber Iris for the PlayBook.  Hit the break for all of the […]

Uber Iris for BlackBerry PlayBook Photo Editing App With Filters And Effects

Uber Iris is the latest photo editing app to be launched for the Playbook. There are a ton of filters and editing effects, and when you are done you can post to Twitter, flickr and Facebook. The user friendly designed UI makes it easy to create art with your photos.