Filtermama 2 App For Free!

Shakedatapps released Filtermama 2 today and good news! it’s free! Oh MAMA! Eres Bella! It has been said that as way of apology for issues experienced in the release of “Filtermama” (#1 that is), Shakedatapps has released this app today as free for download! Filtermama was an app that I considered previously and I decided […]


Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Phone Shows Up On Ebay For $1000

So it appears that someone is selling their Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device on ebay. This really isn’t something new but they aren’t supposed to be selling that phone. Seriously, it says on the back of the phone.

New BlackBerry 10 L-Series Images Leak Rocking New Icons!

Now we have even more leaked images showing off the greatness that is the BlackBerry 10 L-Series device! As you can see in the images they are a bit burry but we have come to expect that from leaked images… Because the device is rocking the newly formatted icons on can safely assume that they […]

L -series Shown Under The Code Name BlackBerry Pro 100-2

The L Series phone that has been shown has the code name Blackberry Pro 100-2. Very formal for a code name. Usually we get something a little more fun. Since it’s not an official name, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Infographic Compares Blackberry App World, The App Store And Google Play Store

We always hear about how Blackberry App World is lacking in the app department. Blackberry App World currently has around 70,000 apps. However, even though there aren’t many apps, they get downloaded 6 million times a day! And to top it off, 13 % of Blackberry App developers do pretty well, bringing an average of […]

“BlackBerry Market Shrinking” Myth Busted! 70 Million Active Subscribers!

RIM has been in the news with reports of them being inched out by Android, But with great news of the Blackberry Playbook rocking RIM sales. So it should not come as to any surprise that RIM has crushed a myth that the “Blackberry Market is Shrinking” There are currently 70 million active subscribers, 20 million […]

SaskTel Lists The Blackberry Torch 9860 As Coming Soon

SaskTel subscribers can look forward to the launch of the Torch 9860, as it is posted on SaskTel’s site. The launch date isn’t listed but you will be able to purchase it for $129.99 on a 3 year or $549.99 outright. Source

Blackberry Curve 9360 And 9370 Make Their Way Through The FCC

With both devices launching very soon, they had to take a turn going through the FCC. You can check out the FCC filing here. Unlike the new Torchs, both these Curves will have NFC. What’s the latest OS7 device specs? Hit the break for the details

The Long Awaited QNX OS Blackberry, “Blackberry Colt” Expected Launch Q1 2012

QNX OS for Blackberry smart phones has been talked about for a while now. But when was RIM going to get it together to show something to masses? Today! The above picture is what you can expect the QNX software to look like, with the codename Blackberry Colt. Maybe the next one will be named […]

Sprint Torch 9850 Spotted

Lucas at N4BB posted up a picture of a 9850 sporting a Sprint background.  Looks like all of the OS7 devices are starting to come out of hiding and showing themselves.  Hopefully that means that they are close to release after all we did just see and AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9860 Photographed in the Wild!