Playbook 2.0 Community Insider Event – March 7th & 8th

RIM has announced it first set of Community Insiders Events with more to come, in the first event Community Insider Event: Playbook 2.0Q&A. You can ask question that you may have related to Playbook 2.0! Hit the break for more info!

Email, and Personal Information on Blackberry PlayBook Left Vulnerable to Hackers

Research in Motion keeps thier mobile devices secure, but with the jailbreaks of the Dingleberry root, two researchers have found a vulnerability in the Blackberry PlayBook’s Bridge application that leaves the authentication token for the Bridge application, that a would be hacker can use to find and use all of your private information.

RIM releases statement regarding Intrepidous Group Infiltrate Conference PlayBook Vulnerabilities

Earlier today there was a report coming from the Infiltrate Conference that the Intrepidous Group had given a talk on security issues surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook. The group claims to have discovered “several high risk vulnerabilities with RIM’s Blackberry Playbook that allows malicious applications to access personal information, contacts, and emails from connected Blackberry phones.” […]

An Update on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 – We really may not see the PlayBook 2.0 update before February!!!!!

Well it looks as though the “Rumor: We will see the PlayBook 2.0 update before February?” Could be true…. “Shortly we will also be starting a series of closed betas of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 with select enterprise customers from our Early Adopter Program (EAP). These betas will be rolled out over the course of […]

Rumor: We will see the PlayBook 2.0 update before February?

According to a source of BGR we may not see the official PlayBook 2.0 update until Febraury of 2012.  After DevCon and the release of the beta developer build of the 2.0 update this doesn’t really surprise me.  The main issue seems to be revolving around the fact that BlackBerry PIN’s have always been limited […]