Gameloft releases Dungeon Hunter 3 and Oregon Trail-American Settler for the BlackBerry PlayBook

A lot of the attention these days is on the release of new apps and games for BlackBerry 10.  Well Gameloft hasn’t forgotten about the BlackBerry PlayBook and has released two new free games for our favourite tablet.  You can now download Dungeon Hunter 3 and Oregon Trail for the PlayBook from BlackBerry World, and […]

XLabz Holding Huge AppWorld Sale On 11 Of Their PlayBook Apps

Now that Christmas is over many people are heading back to the grind of their usual life, but why not enjoy some amazing PlayBook apps for an amazing price.  The fine folks over at XLabz have let us know that they are running a sale on 11 of their most popular BlackBerry PlayBook apps starting […]

Chimpact for the BlackBerry Playbook Updated to v1.1!

  Yippie entertainment has updated the great BlackBerry PlayBook game, Chimpact! You can check out the full review here! Luscious environments with a variety of delightful characters make Chimpact top of its class. Collect gems, medallions and bananas by chucking your chimp through stunning jungle landscapes. Use bananas to add abilities to your chimp and complete […]

EA Blackberry And Playbook Games On Sale Now

EA is having another Blackberry/Playbook game app. Some of their biggest titles like Monopoly and Clue are 50% off their regular price. If you’ve been considering getting one of the games listed below, get it now! hit the break for a list of the games

ImmorTall Game for the Blackberry Playbook!

I love playing games on my Blackberry Playbook and arcade games are a classic favorite, that keeps me busy for hours! Well with a new odd game Immortall for the Blackberry Playbook should give you just the fix for you! Hit the jump to download this great game!

Monster Jump Released for the PlayBook

TwoPinStudio has just released a new game for the PlayBook called Monster Jump.  This game is similar to Doodle Jump but exclusive to the Playbook.

Run For your Life with Canabalt HD for the Blackberry Playbook!

Mobile Link Think you can keep up? Challenge your self with Canabalt HD for the Blackberry Playbook, the directions are simple RUN! Canabalt is the original endless running platform game! Beginning as a 5-day experimental game for the Kyles’ Experimental Gameplay Project, it effectively created the genre and remains addictive and fun to play even today!

Neon Prime HD -Retro Shooter Game for the Blackberry Playbook!

Mobile Link Take a step back in the future with this classic retro shooter game from Apocolyp Software, with Neon Prime HD. A Neon Prime has entered our solar system. We sent our main fleet to engage it but contact has been lost. Now you are our only hope to defeat the Neon Prime and […]

Keep the Little Ones Happy, with Light It Up for the Blackberry Playbook!

Mobile Link I am always on the lookout for new games for my nephew to play to occupy him, while I get things done and now comes Light It Up from MangoLab Studios. It is a very fun game!!! The cleverest fish in the sea has just developed a new invention to light up the deepest […]

Price Drops For Union Games As Cheap As 99 Cents

Union has been releasing games for the past few months for the Playbook. Although none of their games were particularly expensive, it’s nice when the price gets dropped. And Union has changed the pricing on a number of their games.

Doodle Blast For The Playbook Adds More Levels

Doodle Blast was just updated and 2 more packs of 15 levels were added. Doodle Blast is a physics game that involves using your brain and is drawn on “paper”. You download the game for free and purchase the two level packs for 99 cents each. Get it from Blackberry App World.

Roboto for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

During DevCon 2011, there was a lot of discussion surrounding some of the new games  that will be released for the PlayBook.  Roboto was one of the games that was discussed.  The basic premise of the game is that you are a hovering robot protecting the world from the evil security bots. 

Unity 3D Releases Roboto Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Union has introduced a new games for the Blackberry PlayBook! Unity is a extremely strong supporter of the Blackberry Playbook OS or BBX which is a very good thing. The Roboto game looks amazing on the Playbook. The new games include:

Unity 3D Releases 2 New Games for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Unity 3D has introduced three new games for the Blackberry PlayBook! Unity seems to be an extremely strong supporter of the Blackberry Playbook OS or BBX which is a very good thing. And all of their games have great graphics. The new games include:

Polarbit Releases Badaboo, Reckless Getaway, & Family Pack Games for the PlayBook

PolarBit has been  busy for the last couple of months; churning out a whole slew of PlayBook games and recently they released a few more for your enjoyment. Hit the break to get the lowdown on the new offerings from PolarBit Studios.

BackBreaker Gets Demo On the BlackBerry PlayBook

We have seen alot of new games released and or coming to the Blackberry Playbook from DevCon. And RIM is really pushing the envelope with BackBreaker! This is a very popular game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS. I really have enjoyed playing this game and can’t wait to have it on my Playbook, the graphics […]