Evernote Needs Playbook Users To Test Their Upcoming Updated App

Evernote for the Playbook doesn’t run properly and thus is being pulled from Blackberry App World. But it’s not all bad news because the Evernote team is working to get a fix and needs Playbook users to test their latest update. Go to the Evernote forum discussion if you are interested in the beta test.

RIM Confirms Issue with Auto-text on BlackBerry PlayBook with Bridge

RIM recently released OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  There were quite a few improvements that came with this update but there were also some problems that have reared their ugly head as well.

Berry Report Episode 53 Now Live for All to Check Out!

Join Brad from Berry Reporter and  Sleepracer The Head Nerd for another exciting episode of the Berry Report podcast.  You can listen to the show after break.

RIM Shows Off PlayBook OS 2.0 in New Ads!

PlayBook OS 2.0 has only been out for a couple of hours and RIM has already posted up some great new commercials for PlayBook OS 2.0! Hit the break to check them out!

Best Buy & RIM Starts Sending Out Training Info for Employees on PlayBook OS 2.0

With the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0 nearing a PlayBook near you, RIM and Best Buy has started sending out training  info. As you can see from the image on this article RIM has relized they need to step up there training program for retailers. Hit the break for more.

Best Buy Advertises BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0! – OS 2.0 Launching around the time of Mobile World Congress!?!

We know that the much anticipated PlayBook OS 2.0 is set to launch later this month. The PlayBook OS 2.0 finally introduces  brings native e-mail, calendar and more BlackBerry Bridge capabilities. In an article from IntoMobile “a RIM representative told PC Mag that the PlayBook 2.0 OS should be released at the end of the […]

Confirmed: A New BlackBerry App World UI Coming with PlayBook OS 2.0

Yesterday we told you how RIM messed up and posted an image of an updated App World for PlayBook. Today CB was able to get their hands on the image here. As you can see BlackBerry App World has been indeed updated with a newly redesigned UI.

Ads for PlayBook OS 2.0 Start Appering in UK Stores!

All of us PlayBook owners have been chomping at the bit to get our sticky little hands on the PlayBook OS 2.0. Ad have started to appear in the UK showcasing Playbook OS 2.0, This is a great indication the the release of OS 2.0 is right around the corner!!

New BlackBerry App World Coming with PlayBook OS 2.0?

In a post RIM’s blog  it appears as though App World may receive an updated in PlayBook OS 2.0. The post in question reveals an image of App World off to the left side of the screen on the PlayBook pictured below.

What’s Next For RIM Products? Two different sized Playbooks, A Blackberry 10 Phone And Curves

RIM already talked about the Playbook 2.0 OS being released in Feb 2012 at CES and not much more than that. But there are talks of upcoming products that will be released throughout the year. So what is to come? 10″ PlayBook releasing in December 2012, will be LTE enabled 7″ PlayBook releasing in April […]

Leaked Photos: BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email, Contacts and Calendar Screenshots

Ok I really can not wait until we finally can have the full release of the new 2.o updated for the Blackberry Playbook, and until that day we will have to settle for the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Beta and the for leaked screenshots. These new images are showing off some nice features like native email, integrated […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Held Back Due to Lack of Android Apps?

If your like me I know you are very upset that the much-anticipated Blackberry Playbook OS 2.o update is not to be released until February. Yes I am currently loving the developer version of the Playbook OS 2.o, and it lacks the Blackberry Bridge features, but is possible with this work around, I am still not […]