Evernote announces an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon

Evernote is a very popular application that people have used to take notes on their devices.   Today they announced that they would be releasing an update to their PlayBook application soon.  Hit the break for the info.

PictureWall for PlayBook Powered By WebWorks

Github has received a new HTML5 sample: PictureWall. A wall tiled with BlackBerry PlayBooks can be controlled with this WebWorks app. So how does it work? The pictures are sent to the PlayBook using socket.io after the app’s pictures reach the server that’s running nodeJS. Because each tablet know where it’s located on the wall, […]

Muffin Knight by Union Now Available in App World for FREE

Union has released Muffin Knight in App World for FREE! Fertilize the forest with the unicorn, cover the sky with black holes, flood the world with candy, but just get the muffins back! Muffin Knight is an action-packed platformer with stunning visuals and a myriad of fairytale characters, each with their own unique abilities which […]

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD for PlayBook Updated to v4.0

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to version 4.0 in App World. To celebrate the launch of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0, ALL BlackBerry PlayBook users can download TWO FREE games – Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD and Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD – free of charge for a […]

OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v2.4.2.1

Yesterday we let you know that OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry PlayBook was updated to v2.4.2. Well this update was causing some issues when trying to download the update. A couple of people let us know in the comments that the update would throw an error at 50% others were reporting that it would download […]

LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Gets FCC Approval!

The LTE BlackBerry PlayBook has recently received FCC approval.  The Federal Communications Commission website does not go into too much detail but does suggest that the PlayBook supports Wi-Fi and LTE at this time. Of course Bluetooth and NFC were both mentioned in the documents.

OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v2.4.2

OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v2.4.2 in App World. This update is a tiny one going from v2.4.1 to v2.4.2, so we can only assume at this time that this update is just for some bug fixes and nothing more. OverDrive Media Console gives you on-the-go access to eBooks and […]

RIM reaches deal with Ingram Micro to distribute the BlackBerry PlayBook to re-sellers

RIM and Ingram Micro has reached a deal that will help to make the BlackBerry PlayBook a more common name in the UK.  RIM has reached an agreement that will allow for Ingram Micro to distribute BlackBerry PlayBooks to re-sellers throughout the UK.  Hopefully this will help RIM gain a little more market share in an ecosystem […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 Security features explained

When Alec Saunders first made a statement regarding how RIM was going to do to curb piracy on the PlayBook everyone assumed that RIM was going to eliminate side-loading of apps.  Saunders was in fact not referring to side-loading, but rather the efforts that have been baked into the PlayBook OS 2.0.1 update to help […]

InstaBook – Instagram Client for the BlackBerry PlayBook?!?

I was browsing through App World on my PlayBook this morning and came across this new application called InstaBook- Instagram client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now I am not a huge Instagram fan but I do occasionally use the application on my Galaxy S2 so when I saw this app I thought great now I […]

ScoreMobile for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.5.2

ScoreMobile for the BlackBerry PlayBook has received a small update to v1.5.2 in the BlackBerry App World. If you are not familiar with ScoreMobile, ScoreMobile is the top worldwide sports app, is now optimized for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ devices. It’s a true tablet application, built from the ground up for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™, that fully supports […]

XIMAD Games Are Now On Sale for PlayBook!

@AlesKinsella sent out a tweet last night letting everyone know that XIMAD has having a huge sale on their PlayBook games in App World. Their games range from Mystery Pond HD, Bubble Birds Premium and many others!

Blackberry Playbook Makes Impact on Tablet Market in India!

Research in Motion has in the past had issues with India and the Blackberry but they a have been “In Motion” to change things around by appointing Sunil Dutt as their New Managing Director for India and with the BlackBerry PlayBooks Selling out in 4 Days in India making it now owning the third largest […]

BlackBerry 10 OS Coming to PlayBook Once BB10 Devices Hit the Market

It’s been widely known that the BlackBerry PlayBook would indeed receive the BlackBerry 10 operating system, yet no one was exactly sure when this might occur. With the release of BB10 devices going to be announced and put on the market in some time between August and early October, it’s estimated that BlackBerry 10 for […]

NEED FOR SPEED Undercover for BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Updated to v2.2

NEED FOR SPEED Undercover for BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v2.2 in App World. As usually there is no change log available, if you see anything new please feel free to let us know in the comments! Don’t know what NFS is Well: Real cars! Real fast! Drive the world’s #1 critically acclaimed racing […]

**Updated** – BlackBerry PlayBook Running Windows Phone 7 OS!!??!!

  Mobile Link  *Update: It seems that the prankster that put this video up on Youtube was in fact using a browser based demo to make it appear that his BlackBerry PlayBook was running Windows Phone 7.  The browser based program that performs this function is actually one that was launched by Microsoft themselves.  if you want to check […]

Stunt Pear Physics Game For The Playbook

Stunt Pear is a physics game with 144 puzzles, which means you better have a lot of time on your hands. It’s not short on different ways to solve the puzzles either, shopping carts are used, skateboards and more!

Files and Folders for PlayBook Updated to v4.1.2 Brings Some New Features and Bux Fixes

Files & Folders  for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v4.1.2 today in App World. Files & Folders is a file explorer & manager with integrated SugarSync, Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, ZIP, E-mail send feature. Try it now for free! What’s new? FIXED! A recent change to the box servers caused a […]

U.S. Governments Apps for BlackBerry

A series of FREE new apps have recently be released allowing access to a plethora of U.S. government content and information right on you BlackBerry or PlayBook. With this series of apps, you’ll get the most current information regarding different agencies including, National Weather Service, TSA, The White House and many others!

Taptu for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Updated to v2.1.4

Taptu for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v2.1.4 in App World.  Taptu is a social news feed reader that puts all of the stuff you’re into in one beautiful app. Taptu lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs via RSS feeds and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. […]