Poll Time!! What messaging app do you prefer BBM or WhatsApp??

Well now that BBM has finally made its way across platforms (excluding Windows Phone), I pose this question What is better? BBM or WhatsApp? I am asking because I have been asking myself this same question, although my answer has always been BBM. Be honest in the poll below. You can also let us know […]


Yankee Group Report Shows BlackBerry Selling Better Than Motorola X And HTC One

Yankee Group reports that the second quarter results are favorable to BlackBerry vs the HTC and Motorola. That seems to be about the only positive result that they have had. As the Z10 inventory is not exactly selling like hotcakes. BlackBerry had to write down about 900 Million in inventory recently. But that is still […]

[POLL] Attention Readers!! Would You Like to Read Android News on a BlackBerry ONLY Website?

[polldaddy poll=6494552] I have been posed a question from one of our all-time readers and I answered but got me thinking. The question: Could you add some Android news to your website on a daily basis? I replied no, we cannot as this is a BlackBerry ONLY website. This did get me thinking though, so […]

Do you prefer themes on your BlackBerry device? [POLL]

Being a BlackBerry fanatic for a very long time now, I was completely addicted to trying and owning new themes. That has really changed since I picked up my OS7/7.1 BlackBerry Bold 9900, I hardly use them now. This got me to thinking how many other people feel the same way(hence the poll). After you […]

Kobo Not Working for You, We Want a Fix!

With the weather outside getting frightful, and the PlayBook being so delightful thought I would sit in and pass time with a good eBook. And why not with my Blackberry PlayBook and the native eReader app Kobo! Except one thing, it has not been working!!! Hit the break for more info and a poll!

NerdBerry Poll: Which BB7 Device Is the One For You?

So we are a few days removed from #BB7FanNight and the question that has been posed to me over and over again since I walked out of the event is “so which new BlackBerry are you going to get?”. Going into the event I would have said, without hesitation, that the Bold 9900 was going […]

Where does RIM stand with Google/Android? [Poll] What Tablet are you grabbing?

  Most of you know about our sister site AndroidNerds. With today being the opening day for Google IO 2011 I thought I would take a moment and talk about RIM and Android/Google. Below are some posts that AndroidNerds has wrote up today. I get into heated debates with lots of people over who is […]

What smartphone are you going to pick up next? Will you stay with BlackBerry? [Poll]

[polldaddy poll=4985162] As a lot of you already know I have 3 devices, HTC G2/Desire Z Rooted, iCrap (iPhone) and my trusty BlackBerry Bold 9700. I have had a BlackBerry smartphone for about 3 years or so and have contemplated on switching to Android ONLY, but I can’t. BlackBerry device’s seem to be the most […]

Poll: What Tablet are you going to pick up?

[polldaddy poll=4654670] I just saw the above chart on our sister site AndroidNerds and thought this would make a great poll. The side by side comparison is awesome. Being able to see the top 6 tablets and what they bring to the table helped me make my decision on which one to get. I choose […]

10 Signs Your Devices Are Hurting Your Relationships!?! – POLL!

So I am sitting in my office today and my wife (she works with me and yes I am married and she is Canadian!!!) walks in and hands me this paper with the statements below on it. She proceeds to tell me read this and check all that apply to you. OK whats the deal? Just […]

New Poll: Share your thoughts about Nerdberry!

[polldaddy poll=3890972]