Milward Brown BrandZ Survey -Blackberry No Longer In Top 100

Just last year Blackberry was #25 for the 100 brands, and this is all brands. It was a drop from an all time high of #14 in 2010 but way better than this year. BrandZ does annual surveys of the Global Most Valuable Brands.

Apple Passes The Blackberry To Become The Number 1 Selling Smartphone In Canada

Well this stinks, as a Canadian I was proud to have Blackberry still be at the top of Canadian’s smartphone choice. But unfortunately, that spot has been taken over by the Iphone. Blackberry/RIM shipped 2.08 million units in Canada vs 2.85 million iPhones shipped by Apple.

Apple’s App Store Is Worth More Than All Of RIM

RIM hasn’t been having the best year. So it probably comes as a surprise to no one that Apple’s App Store alone is worth more than RIM.