Verano by Pootermobile, A Theme For Your Legacy Device

Leave it to the folks at Pootermobile to come up with a theme for the older BlackBerry devices. It’s been a while since they released the last one, but better late than never, right? The theme will help make your device look current, as it has a modern look to it. Quite different from the […]

@Pootermobile Takes on BlackBerry OS 10.2 with Concepts Videos and Images

We are all anticipating what new features are to come about in BlackBerry OS 10.2, no significant details have come about other than, priority contacts and maybe headless application support i.e. running applications in the background without active frames. The World of Pootermobile has taken a few of their own ideas and included them into […]

@Pootermobile’s take on the drop down menu in BlackBerry 10

Pootermobile has been a part of team BlackBerry for as long if not longer then myself and his works are incredible. Today BBA Brian from BerryReview found this great image that shows off a modify BlackBerry 10 drop down menu. This concept menu lets you scroll right or left to get to more setting quickly […]

Pootermobile Wallpapers For BlackBerry 10

The World Of Pootermobile has just launched their BlackBerry 10 wallpaper app. You get an assortment of BlackBerry 10 wallpapers to display on your new BlackBerry 10 device. There are already a bunch of wallpapers but there are plans to add more. And you don’t even have to update it, it will just update with […]

Pootermobile does it again with Premium Equis Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones

Themes are a big part of legacy BlackBerry devices. Slap a theme on an older BB device and it’ll look brand spankin’ new. The hardest part is finding good themes! I am a big fan of PooterMobile themes, and once again they came out with a theme and I jumped and bough it immediately (whatever call […]

@Pootermobile Releases New BlackBerry Jam Americas Wallpapers!

With BlackBerry Jam Americas right around the corner on Sept. 25-27th in San Jose, California. Pootermobile has published some very cool wallpapers for your viewing pleasure! If you are headed to San Jose, you really want to show your support for BlackBerry by rocking one of these wallpapers on your BlackBerry smartphone or on your […]

Theme Review: Fresco from The World of Pootermobile

Here at Nerdberry we are always looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to themes.  Pootermobile has just released their newest gem called Fresco. Fresco is a breath of fresh crispy air. This theme from The World Of Pootermobile is another clean simple feel for your BlackBerry’s homescreen. On the homescreen you will […]

FREE Theme: Stitch by Pootermobile

Pootermobile has released a FREE theme for your BlackBerry! Stitch is a very clean and sharp theme that has me wanting to pick up my 9700 just to play with it.. It has been a while since The World Of Pootermobile has released a free theme. But when there is a free theme you it’s […]