Web Directions is giving away some awesome prizes for developers that bring their web apps to BlackBerry 10

From May 1-3, 2013 the Web Directions Code Conference will be happening in Melbourne Australia, and this year there are some pretty big incentives to work on a BlackBerry 10 app.  The BlackBerry App competition is for Australian and New Zealand residents, but you do not have to be in attendance to qualify for the prizes. […]

RIM is the authority on building a quality app ecosystem

BlackBerry’s commitment to their third party developers is admirable and the gold standard (and perhaps even beyond that) of how developers should be treated.  Under the leadership of Alec Saunders and the Developer Relations team, RIM has essentially written the book on how to grow a third party mobile appecosystem. 

Latest BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon and 15,000 apps were submitted over 36 Hours!

These port-a-thons are truly remarkable. RIM has great incentives ($100 an app) and free hardware after reaching certain cutoffs like 10 apps, 20 apps etc. If all 15,000 apps submitted get approved–that means RIM will pay 1.5 MILLION dollars out to developers! Truly amazing, RIM is putting their money where their mouth is and getting developers excited […]