Review: myCharge Portable Power Bank 3000

My BlackBerry Bold 9900 goes wherever I go, and I go everywhere. I’m constantly on my phone throughout the day, whether that be in class, the library, or running errands, plus posting articles onto NerdBerry while simultaneously being on the move. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using a Bold 9900, you might be unaware, but […]


How To: Learn About the BlackBerry PlayBook’s Charge and Discharge Characteristics

RIM has just posted a new knowledge base article KB27705 on the PlayBook Power – Battery charge and discharge characteristics. In which the power state of the Playbook may be unable to power on, when the battery has discharged with indicating LED. Hit the break for more info.

Video: The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS Commercial

RIM is really pushing the envelop with the advertising of the new Blackberry OS 7 devices. They have done a great job with this new commercial called, “The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching in my opinion.  Let us know what you think after the jump.

Review: Mugen Power Extended Battery for Blackberry 8520

Folks at Mugen Power were kind enough to send me an exntened battery for my Blackberry Curve 8520 as a review unit. I’ve been testing this battery for about two weeks now. This extended battery is 2650 mAh compared to the standard 1150 mAh that comes with the Curve. So, that means it has more juice to […]

First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Hits The Airwaves!! [Video]

[Youtube Mobile Link] It has been just about a week since the BlackBerry PlayBook hit retailers and was made available to the masses, and now we finally have a commercial.  The main focus of this 30 second clip is the portability and mobility of the tablet.  I am surprised that it took this long for a commercial […]