EE UK opens pre-registration for the BlackBerry Q5

Pre-registration webpages seem to be the new thing when it comes to a device launch. Carriers use these micro webpages to inform consumers when a particular device is available. Well EE in the UK has launched the BlackBerry Q5 Pre-registration webpage. Here is what the pre-registration page has to say: Want to be the first […]

Pre-Registration for the BlackBerry Q5 now open at Carphone Warehouse

If you are interested in picking up a stellar BlackBerry 10 device and you are in the UK you may want to consider the BlackBerry Q5. Carphone Warehouse has opened pre-registration in the Q5 and is said to be available in July. The Q5 offers 3.1″ touchscreen, 5MP camera, full QWERTY keyboard 1.2Hz dual core […]

BlackBerry Q10 Pre-Registration for WIND Now Open

Finally Canadian carrier WIND has hoisted their pre-registration page up for all of you that are interested in the BlackBerry Q10. The expected launch date is still April 30th for Canada. No news on the US launch as of right now. No official release date for the Q10 on WIND as of right now. You […]

BlackBerry Q10 Pre-Registration Now Open for TELUS Customers

With the BlackBerry Z10 now launched in both the UK and Canada, TELUS has opened a pre-registration webpage for the BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry Q10 is set to launch somewhere between mid-April to June from what we are hearing. The pre-registration webpage for the BlackBerry Q10 is for their customers or future customers to enter […]

Be Among The First On AT&T To Get Your Hands On A BlackBerry 10 Device

The news that American carriers were not going to be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 right away was not met well.  It seems that AT&T is now starting to get ready to get pre-orders going, as they have now put up a “register for news” page.  You can add your email address to the list to […]