AT&T Taking Orders For The BlackBerry Q10 Tomorrow

AT&T subscribers who have anxiously been waiting for the Q10 won’t have much longer to wait,as they are taking pre orders for it tomorrow. Although preorders are going to start, is no official launch date at this time. The cost is $200 on a two year contract. Source:Seeking Alpha

Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 Pre-orders Starting Tomorrow!?

So T-Mobile has officially announced that they will indeed be offering the new BlackBerry Q10 with its availability begging on June 5. Being the first of the four US carriers many have begun to ask just as to when BIG Red will be offing presales?? Well according to this leaked image from the N4BB team, the device has been […]

BlackBerry Z10s Arrive at Optus and Telstra – Allowing Early Purchases

Even though BlackBerry Z10 will be officially launched in Australia on Monday carriers Optus and Telstra are slated to release the Z10 on March 25th and 26th respectively. However the N4BB team has caught word that you may be able to get the new BlackBerry Z10 early if you are signing up for a new contract. […]

BlackBerry 10 Preorders and Registration Now Open for SingTel, M1 and StarHub

BlackBerry is still launching the BlackBerry Z10 around the world while the US sits on our hands and waits for the the device to launch. On a brighter note Singapore carriers SingTel, M1 and StarHub are gearing up for the BlackBerry 10 launch on March 7th by opening preorders and registrations for the BlackBerry Z10.

Best Buy Ad Shows BlackBerry 10 Coming Soon and Details on PreOrder!

BlackBerry 10 is heating up the mobile retailers airwaves and this ad from Best Buy Canada shows that BlackBerry 10 is coming! And that you can be one of the first to get your hands on this exclusive device by preordering it in any local Best Buy! Hit the jump to get a full pic of the […]

EE Adds BlackBerry 10 Registry, Sweetens the Deal with Chance to Win a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!

With all the buzz from BlackBerry 10, more and more carriers are jumping aboard the BlackBerry train. EE has confirmed they will carry the new devices, and now you can register to be in the know on when you can get your 4G BlackBerry 10 smartphone, on EE, Orange or T-Mobile. And to sweeten the deal just a […]

TBooth and WirelessWave added to list to Pre-Order BlackBerry 10!

If you’re in Canada and yet to have preordered your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, well a few more retailers have gotten in line for you to reserve your spot to owning the much anticipated device. TBooth and WirelessWave have been added to the list. You can go to any local retailer and reserve your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The device has […]