Hairy Tales Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Hairy Tales is a new puzzle action game brought to you by Arges Games SRL. It is your job to keep the Hairys from falling over the ledge because they don’t watch where they are going. Destroy the Kikimoras as well as the bosses at the end of each world. To keep the Hairys from […]

Amazing Breaker Game For BlackBerry 10

More puzzley type games are coming to BlackBerry 10. The latest being Amazing Breaker. Actually it was made back in January but better late mentioning it than never. Aim and shoot the bombs at the target, all while looking at the cool drawings. Hit the break for a game trailer!

Scribble Worm – Drawing Puzzles Game For The Playbook

Scribble Worm lets you draw the worms in a notebook like setting and they start to move. There are obstacles to avoid and 48 levels to get through. Watch the video to see the game in action. hit the break for a video preview

Challenging Puzzle Game Cubyrinth, For The Playbook Plus Game Trailer

It’s a labyrinth (maze) in cube form, hence the name Cubyrinth. They come in different colors, difficulty groups and 70 goals. You have to rotate the smaller cubes within the Cubyrinth to get to the goal and along the way avoid enemies. hit the break for the game trailer!