RIM Holds Webcasts On Top BlackBerry 10 Questions Jan 10th

If you have any questions for RIM regarding BlackBerry 10, be sure to email them about it. As tomorrow they are holding a webcast that will feature the top questions asked by developers. There’s a lot to know about BlackBerry® 10. To make sure you’ve got the answers you need, we’ve assembled a list of […]


Gold Release Of WebWorks And Native SDK: API And Tooling Release Update Webcasts

With the release of the Gold SDK it was inevitable that there was going to be webcasts. There are two tomorrow for you to follow. If you have questions, make sure you register. Native SDK : API and Tooling Release Update This webcast will provide an overview of new features of the newest release for […]

CIO Magazine’s Al Sacco To Ask RIM Questions At Blackberry World 2012

RIM is going to be in the hot seat at Blackberry World 2012. Al Sacco, who is from CIO magazine, is going to have a Q and A session with RIM executives.

Blackberry ID Questions Answered By RIM

I am sure many of you have a lot of questions regarding Blackberry ID. RIM has nicely put together an assortment of questions and answers, which I am sure will be very helpful. What applications can I use my BlackBerry ID with? As of May 2011, BlackBerry App World, BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry News are […]