BlackBerry Q10 “selling well” in Canada according to analyst

It has been a few weeks now since the BlackBerry Q10 was released in Canada.  As of now it seems that the Q10 is selling as well as the Z10 did when it launched.  Obviously the physical keyboard of the Q10 is a major draw for traditional BlackBerry users, while still providing all the features […]

Press Release: BlackBerry To Report Their Q1 Results June 28th, 2013

Come June 28th we will find out how BlackBerry has fared for Q1 of fiscal 2014. We will get to see how they’ve done in terms of sales of their new OS. So far they have done pretty well in Canada as we have seen their market share increase. In Europe several countries have bought […]

Thoughts on the press release from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins

Today we have seen a press release from RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins talking about the future of the company.  Now of course there are many people who will not care for all the formal “CEO speak” that is required in a press release, but it is important that we all understand what exactly he was […]