Ubuntu Phone Components Running on Blackberry 10

Man I love BlackBerry 10. It is built with the future in mind. It supports almost every platform language there is for application development. You can easily get code from QML, HTML5, C++, Android Java, iOS, WebOS, and even the future proof QT. Upcoming OSs like Ubuntu Phone and Jolla’s SailFish utilize QT for app […]

Devs: Introducing BlackBerry 10 Mobile Sensors

BlackBerry 10 smartphones will have a whole slew of built in sensors to detect movement, orientation, rotation, proximity, and magnetic fields. With the new Computing Platform not OS that RIM has acquired and is focusing on the new way of giving you more for your smartphone. As a developer you can leverage the following types of sensors in your […]

Devs continue to show how easy it is to port apps over to BlackBerry 10

We have seen numerous accounts of developers porting their apps over to BlackBerry 10, and doing so with ease.  Well it looks like a few more devs are doing some work bringing over some Harmattan/Symbian Qt/QML apps to the BlackBerry ecosystem.

KDAB Offers Qt and Cascades Training That Starts in October

KDAB provides QT training sessions and consultation services. Starting on October 8-12th in Berlin and finishing in the Bay Area Oct 22-26th, developers have a chance to attend sessions in Programming with Qt and Cascades for BlackBerry® 10. hit the break for the schedule