BlackBerry named Canada’s top ICT company by Branham Group

BlackBerry has taken top spot this year in the Branham Group’s report on top ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies within Canada.  The Branham Group looks at revenue to determine which Canadian company will take top honours. While BlackBerry did not have their best year, they have shown that they are on the rise with […]


RIM currently investing more into R&D than other smartphone makers

There is no doubt that RIM has opened up the floodgates when it come to spending more and more on R&D.  The entire BlackBerry 10 platform is a complete departure from the usual BlackBerry operating system and there is only one way to make it work, spend money on it.  Wha is surprising is that […]

RIM reportedly facing pressure to lower Carrier BlackBerry Fees

In the midst of what many would call one of the worst few weeks in RIM’s history there is now news that American carriers like AT&T and Verizon are pressuring RIM to lower their carrier fees.  RIM charges its carriers a fee to allow their customer to access the BlackBerry servers and infrastructure that brings […]

RIM Shares How BlackBerry Devs Make Money in App World

RIM has shared some information at BlackBerry DevCon. Dr. Ronjon Nag, Vice President of Blackberry App World, gives stats from Blakcberry App World. Many of which we already knew, he stated that %13 of Blackberry Devloper make over $100,000 from the World of apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple in which only 1% do. Hit the jump for a […]

BlackBerry Outage Could Cost RIM $100 million?

Research In Motion’s recent BlackBerry outage has been the worst that company has ever faced since the company has been founded. Global markets across the world in the Middle East, Europe, parts of South America, Canada, Africa and the United States, were without Blackberry Services including push emails and BBM. It has been rumored that RIM would […]