BlackBerry publishes BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Roadmap

BlackBerry has gone and published their BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Roadmap on Inside BlackBerry Blog. This roadmap details the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK, BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK, BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps as well as the end of Adobe AIR runtime. Check out the article below and let us know what you think about it in the comments. We recently updated our […]


The Upcoming BlackBerry 10 Device Model Lineup (Compiled From BlackBerry Config Scripts)

  Long time reader and tinkerer, Ofutur, over at BerryReview let us know that he has compiled a list of the upcoming code names and device models that we can expect from BlackBerry. He got the information from the configuration scripts BlackBerry uses for BlackBerry 10. Right now the list still has some gaps and […]

BlackBerry 10 Roadmap for 2013 was a Bad April Fools Joke!

Last week @BB10Leaks posted some interesting slides on Twitter claiming that this was the new roadmap for Blackberry in 2013. The hash reality of this “leaked” roadmap is it was an early April Fool’s joke.. We as well as a ton of other websites posted the “leaked” roadmap last week. Here is what @BB10Leaks posted […]

Rumored BlackBerry 10 Roadmap for 2013 Leaked – Shows B10, U10 and R10 Devices

BlackBerry is set to launch a totla of six devices this year with two of them being the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. Now @BB10Leaks has posted the above image online showing what is rumored to be the BlackBerry 10 roadmap for 2013. As you can see in the image it shows off the […]

BlackBerry 10 WebWorks GOLD Roadmap Coming, December 11th!

RIM has released more information on betas and gold candidates for the Cascades and WebWorks! The roadmap links below will offer a feel of being at an airport looking at a flight schedule. The new release GOLD SDK for BlackBerry 10 will be released on December 11th! Hit the break to read more

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Beta Coming to Dev Alpha This Month!

Remember back to when RIM posted the Blackberry 10 Beta Roadmap? Well included in this roadmap is the release for BBM, Devs will be able to retrieve and set the user’s BBM profile information. Hit the jump to get the Blackberry 10 Roadmap “On Flight Schedule”!

BlackBerry 10 Cascades and WebWorks Beta Roadmap Released from RIM

RIM has released more information on betas and gold candidates for the Cascades and WebWorks! The roadmap links below will offer a feel of being at an airport looking at a flight schedule. Hit the break to read more!

Leaked: 2013 BlackBerry 10 Roadmap – 10 inch PlayBook Coming!

With all of the negative BlackBerry news swirling around you will be happy to see this image of the 2013 leaked BlackBerry 10 road map! We already know a little bit about the  BlackBerry 10 L and N Series and we know that the first BlackBerry 10 device is now due out in the first […]

BlackBerry Platform Roadmap

Tim Neil, RIMs Director of Application Platform & Tools Product Management held a presentation at MWC 2012 to lay out a roadmap for BlackBerry from BlackBerry 7 through PlayBook to BlackBerry 10.

Images of RIM’s 2012 Roadmap Including More Info on the 3G PlayBook, Curves, and All White Devices!

The other day we told you about RIM’s 2012 leaked roadmap, well we now have ton’s more info for you today! The slides below detail lots of great info for all of us to get excited about! The 3G PlayBook specs, new curves including the Curve 9320 and 9220, to new features like WiFi media […]

Rumor: RIM’s Roadmap for 2012/Q1 2013!?!

We know a lot is going on this year for RIM and now BGR has gotten a bit more information on RIM’s roadmap for 2012/Q1 2013. There info goes on to say the BlackBerry 10 devices will star shipping in the fall (knew that already).

Leaked Wind Mobile roadmap shows the BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9790 and the Torch 9810

If you happen to live in Canada and are somewhere where Wind Mobile has coverage then this may be of some interest.  A leaked roadmap for Wind shows that they are planning on releasing three new BlackBerry devices sometime in the near future.  The three devices listed on the roadmap are the Bold 9900 and […]

Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap Shows the BlackBerry Curve 9360 Coming on September 14th!

It is hard to tell from the image above but according to TmoNews, the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9360 will be launching on September 14th! So the question that I am asking is… If you are on T-Mobile are you picking up the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or the BlackBerry Curve 9360 and why that device? Please […]

AT&T Roadmap shows the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and Curve 9360 launching in Q4 2011

For all you AT&T customers out there that have been wondering when you are going to be able to get your hands on some of the new BlackBerry 7 devices, this roadmap will answer some questions and leave you baffled on others.  As you can see both the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and the BlackBerry Curve […]

Leaked: Bell Roadmap Shows Off the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, Bold 9900, Curve 9360!

Earlier today  we came across the Leaked: Telus Roadmap Show’s the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, and Curve! We now have Bell’s leaked roadmap showing off BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, Bold 9900, Curve 9360! There are no release dates in this picture, but I think it is safe to assume […]

Leaked: Telus Roadmap Show’s the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, and Curve!

Here is more proof the Telus Mobility will be able to get their hands on Blackberry Bold 9900 On August 15th. In the photo’s above and below of Telus Mobility’s leaked road map, you will see the following launch dates for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 2 9810 around August 15th, Torch 9860 (full touch) […]

AT&T To Carry Torch 2 9810 In Quarter 2 According To Leaked Roadmap

Good news for all you AT&T subscribers. It look as though the BlackBerry Torch 2 is headed to AT&T soon! Let’s just hope other carriers get the device as well. Source

BlackBerry Enterprise Software Roadmap 2011 Leaked!

  N4BB has leaked BlackBerry Enterprise Software Roadmap for 2011! It looks like we will see BES v5.0.3 very soon, With BESx 5.0.3 showing its face around June! BES for Google Apps will be set up around July. According to N4BB the orange bubbles may be the beta dates, with the blue bubbles being the […]

2011 GSM BlackBerry Roadmap Leaked, All Kinds Of Goodness

A few weeks ago we saw the CDMA roadmap leak, and finally we now have a GSM roadmap.  There is thought and rumor that this may be T-Mobile’s BlackBerry roadmap due to the Torch 2 being “under consideration”, but we can imagine that the other models will be launched on all GSM carriers around the same time. […]

BlackBerry 2011 Software Roadmap – Leaked! Shows OS 7, and BIS 4.1!

  Back in January of this year, we told you about the RIM device roadmap.  It really looks to be an exciting year for RIM with the Dakota/Montana, Malibu, Apollo/Sedona, the Monaco, and the Torch 2.  These new devices will most likely launch with BlackBerry 6.1. Most people want to know RIMs plans with bringing […]