NSA-Proof Blackphone Rooted in under 5 minutes!

Talk about getting you butts handed to you! During Blackhat this weekend the so called NSA-proof Blackphone was rooted un less than5 minutes… The root did not even require you unlocking the bootloader… Huge shoutout to @TeamAndIRC for getting root access and enabling ADB on the device. The vulnerability that allowed @TeamAndIRC to gain root has been “patch, […]


BlackBerry 10 Jailbreak in the works thanks to @cmwdotme

It has been sometime since we have seen anything on the DingleBerry root front… It appears that Chris Wade (@cmwdotme) is hard at work on the next generation BlackBerry 10 jailbreak! @cmwdotme has announced on Twitter “So I started to look at updating dingleberry for BB10. Step 1 complete! dump RIM’s new filesystem. Tool is on […]

DingleBerry Update to v4.0 Cancelled – Source Code Released

It is funny how things pan out just last night NerdBerry_Kendrick and I were talking about DingleBerry v4.0 and today we have more information about it. The DingleBerry team has official cancelled version 4.0 updateand has released the source code for the project.

#DingleBerry Root to Be Updated to v4.0.0 – Allows Root On OS and!!

With all of this PlayBook 2.0 update information flying around the net, I thought I would check in on the DingleBerry crew! I went to DingleBerry.it website and it still shows v3.3.3 as the latest version. That being said I clicked on the release notes and wham!! It looks like @Cmwdotme is hard at work […]

DingleBerry Root Tool for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v3.3.2

DingleBerry has been updated to version 3.3.2! This updated address a few issues on the PlayBook. The last updated we sew was to v3.3.0. Hit the break fro more info!

DingleBerry Root Tool for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v3.3.0

DingleBerry for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v3.3.0. This update includes a slew of updates additions and fixes. Hit the break for the change log.

DingleBerry Root Tool Gets Updated to v3.2.0!

The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.2.0! This update includes lots of new goodies for us to play with. Hit the break for more!

Maintenance Release: DingleBerry Root Tool Updated to v3.1.1

The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.1.1! This update is a maintenance release and includes the following: Hit the break for more!

DingleBerry Root Tool Updated to v3.1.0!

The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.1.0! This update includes a built in downgrade tool load the core OS and or the entire OS to a rootable version! This update also includes the Hulu enabler which of course lets you finally watch Hulu on your PlayBook, that many users were having issues with!

DingleBerry’s HuluBerry Has Been Blocked on the PlayBook!

***UPDATE***: I just reloaded HuluBerry using DingleBerry and it is working again…. Not really sure what is going on here…   Well this morning I was finally able to get Hulu up and running on my rooted PlayBook. I thought this is great I can check out some old shows! I watched thew Simpsons and […]

DingleBerry Root Tool Updated to v3.02 – Fixes an issue with Hulu

Yesterday we saw the DingleBerry root tool for the PlayBook get updated to v3.0. With the release of v3.0 brought HuluBerry Browser as well as the ability to downgrade the PlayBook OS to a rootable version. V3.0 had some issues that caused HuluBerry not to function correctly, well have no fear as the DingleBerry root […]

#DingleBerry Gets Updated to v3.0 – Hulu Gets Enabled!

The DingleBerry team has updated their PlayBook root exploit tool to v3.0! This update uncludes a built in downgrade tool which will help you downgrade your OS to a rootable version! This update also includes the Hulu enabler which of course lets you finally watch Hulu on your PlayBook!

The Latest PlayBook Beta OS Did NOT Block The Dingleberry Root Exploit

I have been getting a ton of questions from our readers regarding the newest BlackBerry PlayBook Beta OS Is the update going to block the exploit? has been the main question on a lot of peoples minds. The answer to that question is NO!  @Cmwdotme has stated via Twitter that “RIM didn’t patch my […]

Simplified Instructions for Getting the Android Market on the Rooted PlayBook

Shane (SCrid2000) over at OSBB has found a way to simplify the install process of Google’s Android Market on the rooted BlackBerry PlayBook. Hit the break for more!

Video: How to DingleBerry Your Playbook and get the Android Market Running!

MapleLeafsVideos has produced an great video on how to get your BlackBerry PlayBook rooted and have the Android Market up and running on the device! Hi the Break for the video and a little step by step!

Dingleberry Gets Update To v2.1

Just the other day they had an update, so what’s going on with this one? * before you upgrade to the latest OS a then Login via devuser and run /tmp/setuidgid root /bin/sh to gain root

Get the Android Market Running on your BlackBerry PlayBook!

With the release of DingleBerry Jailbreak for the BlackBerry PlayBook, finally comes a way to load the Android Market in your PlayBook! The folks over at IntoMobile have put together a walkthrough on how to get the Android Market up and running fast and easy! Hit the break for more!

RIM Releases Official Statement in Regards to DingleBerry Root!

The DingleBerry root for the BlackBerry PlayBook was just released yesterday, Today however RIM has released the following statement in regards to the exploit:

Get The Dingleberry Root For The Playbook

Dingleberry Root beta 0.2 is now available.\if you were look to root your Playbook, you can do it with Dingleberry. Currently only for Windows users, with a Mac one to follow.

DingleBerry Root May Release today!

DingleBerry root could be released today, this according to Chris Wade via his Twitter account (@cmwdotme). This is just another step in the right direction to open up the PlayBook to all sorts of goodness keep your eye on @NerdBerry for more on the DingleBerry Root!