Blackberry Bold 9900 To Offer Wireless Charging?

We just cant stop hearing of all the news of the Blackberry Bold 9900! It seem that RIM has been quietly working on allowing the Bold 9900 to implement a way of wireless charging! And from the looks of the special backing of the Bold 9900, it would allow magnetic conductive charging unlike inductive which […]


Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook 2 (10 inch) Cancelled, RIM to focus on the BlackBerry “SuperPhone”!

The rumor mill is hard at work today! Thin info comes via N4BB, it is being rumored that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 (10 inch) has been cancelled and RIM is now focused on the first QNX powered BlackBerry“SuperPhone.” Here are some of the rumored specs: 1.2GHz processor (single or dual) 900+ screen resolution 4.3″ touchscreen […]

Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Leaked includes Monoco and Bold Touch

It seems that Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap has been leaked and there are some details of a few up and coming devices, and while they released details of some other devices, it is very interesting of just what new Blackberry devices they will have in store.  Here is what has been reported to be expected: BlackBerry […]

Google Ad “Confirms” Verizon Wireless Launching The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

Well look at what our buddies at BBrocks dug up while playing on the internet. Looks to me like the “hush hush keep it quiet” mentality that Verizon had on the Bold 9930 was wasted effort. The image above is from a Google search and verifies that Verizon will carry the newest member of the bold family.  At this […]

T-Mo Bringing Back Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling????

As you can see from the image above T-Mo might just be bringing free Wi-Fi calling back to thier customers. It was one of the nice things about the phones on T-Mo. As you can see this will only be available to customers with UMA capable devices. Source

10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Launching this this fall; OS 7 devices delayed?

BGR is reporting that multiple sources have stated to them that RIM is planning on launching the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 that will be 10 inch’s around the holidays. A 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook would be a very cool addition to RIM’s current line up of devices. They also stated “It’s entire possibly that RIM wants […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 (BlackBerry Touch) To Be Canceled?

GizmoFusion just dropped a major bomb on the BlackBerry camp. Now this is just a rumor so take it with a grain of salt, but one of thier credible sources just told them that they might be scrapping the whole touch line. I find this hard to believe with all of the videos and pictures that we […]

Rumor: RIM has a new BlackBerry in the works? – The BlackBerry “Orlando”

  It appears as though RIM is working on a new BlackBerry codenamed Orlando. According to N4BB the BlackBerry Orlando will have a similar form factor BlackBerry Sedona/Apollo. The Orlando is rumored to have a touchscreen and a physical Curve keyboard. Please feel free to share your thoughts.  

Rumor: BBM Headed to iOS App Store April 26th?!?

Hmm, If this is true there will be a ton of happy people that use Apple’s iOS. We recently reported that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) headed to Android and iOS!?! On a post on Mac Rumors ForumRihanna stated: RIM had a Social Media conference today in Toronto, and my entire college business and marketing class was […]

Spam BBM: Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of RIM Blackberry)?!?!?! WTH?????

WOW!! So I get a ton of spam BBM’s from across the globe but this one takes the cake! First of all who the hell is “Jim Balsamic” and what happened to Jim Balsillie? Second of all RIM will not BBM you! Come ‘on people get your S*#t together! RIM would not make a mistake […]

Confirmed/Rumor?!?: Apollo, Dakota and Torch 2 Headed to TELUS!?!

Our super spy @friendlysmoker just DMed the above tweet to us. It looks as though he was able to confirm through TELUS that they will be in fact launching the BlackBerry Apollo, Dakota and Torch 2 first week in August.  This is awesome news for all of you on TELUS. What next generation BlackBerry are […]

“We’ll also support Android apps” stated during PlayBook demo at MWC 2011

It seems one of Research in Motion’s representatives had a slip of the tongue at MWC 2011 during a demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you listen closely around the 0:14 second mark the rep shown of the PlayBook states, “We’ll also support Android apps”.  This is not the first time we have heard this […]

Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 3 to have a New Name?

The folks over at Gizmo Fusion have a source that has stated “It appears that RIM might be changing the name of their next 100 percent touchscreen device on Verizon, and not call it a Storm3.  The brand took to many negative hits and RIM might be thinking a name change is in order for […]

Video: BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” in action!

Mobile Link Lately we have been hearing a lot about the BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” now we get to see it in action or so we thought. The video was recently pulled by the user but it seems  CrackBerry is working on a new video. Here are the rumored specs of the BlackBerry Storm 3 […]

Rumor: BlackBerry Torch 9800 in White NOW Available on T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT YET?!?

Apparently the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in white is now on T-Mobile and it is in stock. Well I decided to do some digging and check T-Mobiles website to see if this is true, I did not find anything on their website so I called customer support. The rep I spoke with stated that they are […]

Rumor/News: RIM Considering Android’s Dalvik Java Virtual Machine for devices running QNX OS!?!

This is an incredible rumor from BGR that multiple trusted sources have stated. We know that RIM is looking in to how the current Java environment will work on its upcoming QNX tablet and smartphones. RIM  has publicly stated that it is looking at getting a Java virtual machine running on the PlayBook, not so much […]

Touch Screen on the NexGen BlackBerry Style 2 and Curve?!?

There is a new rumor floating around that the BlackBerry Style 2 may have a touch screen. N4BB stated that one of their sources said that “RIM has been testing out a BlackBerry Style with a touchscreen for the next possible iteration of the 9670.” We are not sure if both displays will be touch […]

Rumor: AT&T 3G BlackBerry PlayBook?!?

  When the BlackBerry PlayBook is finally released it will be WiFi only, With the 4G WiMax PlayBook on Sprint to follow this summer. There is now a rumor floating  around that the BlackBerry PlayBook will show up on AT&T sporting 3G by the end of March or early April. Then “sometime soon after” AT&T is to […]

Rumor: RIM is testing Horizontal BlackBerry keypads

The rumor mill is hard at work today the folks over at N4BB have received info from multiple sources that say yes RIM is working on a few horizontal keyboard designs for future BlackBerry devices. They were told that testers have been given the keyboards to see just how comfortable and efficient it is to type on. “The […]

Analyst says BlackBerry PlayBook battery issues could delay launch!?!

Analyst Shaw Wu from Kaufman Brothers states “RIM may be forced to delay the release of its first tablet computer, the BlackBerry PlayBook.” Wu also states he is hearing that the PlayBook “needs to improve its relatively poor battery life of a few hours compared to 6 hours for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and 10 hours for […]