See What’s Coming In The 10.2.1 Update

The leaked photos above and below show what’s to come in the next update. The 10.2 update brought a lot of new features and fixes. 10.2.1 isn’t as big but still has some cool things to offer. One new feature is customizable quick settings screen that will allow you to choose what you see in […]

Cerberus and Mike Lazaridis working towards a joint bid for BlackBerry – Fairfax Financial not enough funds for BlackBerry bid

Well in someone’s eyes the make or break day for BlackBerry is tomorrow. As most of you may have heard Cerberus and Mike Lazaridis are considering joint bid for BlackBerry. Tomorrow marks the two week due diligence period for Fairfax Financial. As of now the Dow Jones is reporting that Cerberus has signed an NDA […]

Don’t Worry Ads For BBM Are Only Going To Be On BBM Channels

And not all throughout BBM like BGR says. Some people… err sites are hell bent on making BlackBerry sound bad. Or maybe they just assume the worst, or perhaps they just misunderstood. Well we are here to dispel the rumors about BBM going full on advertising, because it is not. Nope. Only the BBM Channels […]

Is Facebook The Latest Company Interested In Buying BlackBerry?

Facebook is the latest company to consider a purchase of BlackBerry. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that executives from BlackBerry actually met up with Facebook last week. This was to ‘last week to gauge interest in potential bid.’ Facebook is just another company added to the long list of potential buyers. I think they […]

Coller Capital Is Now In Line To Bid For BlackBerry

Coller Capital, founded in 1990 by Jeremy Coller, is one of the leading global investors in the private equity secondary market (also known as secondaries). These guys are the latest to be interested in a purchase of BlackBerry. They’ve made the interest public, and they are reported to be interested in purchasing BlackBerry along with […]

Has Cerberus Signed An NDA With BlackBerry? Bloomberg Is Claiming So

Could BlackBerry be in the early stages of a takeover bid? According to Bloomberg, who tweeted the above, they are. Cerebus has reportedly signed a NDA with BlackBerry which would indicated that they are serious about their bid. Since they are only “considering”, nothing may ever come about. See the original tweet here. Source:BR

BlackBerry Deals With Garter Comments, Makes Statement

Seems like everybody has “advice” for BlackBerry these days. Garter, an analyst firm, made comments this past weekend regarding what BlackBerry clients should do in the next 6 months. They said this via “BlackBerry isn’t going to disappear overnight and there’s probably a six month window to consider and then implement alternatives.” “Gartner recommends […]

The Wall Street Journal Says BlackBerry Is About To Layoff Another 40% Of Its Workforce

This year alone BlackBerry has already laid off a number of people. Most recently some of their sales force in the US. They are also up for sale. The Wall Street Journal has sources saying that in the near future they will lay off even more people. The plan is to lay off as much […]

Leaked Documents Show NSA Intercepted BlackBerry Emails

NSA Former Analyst Edward Snowden has been in the news a lot lately. The latest information from leaked NSA documents is that NSA has been able to intercept BlackBerry Enterprise Service and BlackBerry Internet Service. BlackBerry’s business services they provide have always been pushed as highly encrypted and hard to hack into. But apparently not […]

Fairfax May Possibly Be Close To Buying BlackBerry

Prem Watsa who works as Fairfax’s head of Financial Holdings, and former BlackBerry Chairman is rumored to be part of a deal in purchasing BlackBerry. Fairfax is BlackBerry’s largest Shareholder. So this isn’t much of a reach that they would be interested in buying the company. In fact, this has been an idea for a […]

Wall Street Journal Latest Article Now Saying BlackBerry Hopes For Sale To Be Done By November

Wall Street Journal seems to get all the good info as last week we told you about the BBM spinoff. This time they are saying that BlackBerry hopes to have the sale of the company done by November. WSJ says the info is from unnamed sources: “aiming to run a fast auction process that could […]

Is T-Mobile Going To Sell BlackBerry 10 Devices Online Only?

A T-Mobile Manager is strongly suggesting that in the near future you won’t be able to walk into a T-Mobile store and buy a BlackBerry 10 device. You will only be able to access theme through online sales. This information comes by way of TMo News, who got it from a Crackberry forum user. The […]

Analyst Is Saying BlackBerry Is Scaling Back Production

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is making claims that BlackBerry has had to scale back production of BlackBerry 10 devices by 10 percent. First off, he said a month ago that BlackBerry reduced their device builds in half. And now that the Q5 has launched, it isn’t selling very well. According to his “findings.” He said […]

“Should I stay or Should I go?” – What do strategic alternatives mean for BlackBerry fans

Today there was some troubling news for BlackBerry fans.  While there have been rumors about BlackBerry looking into options for selling the company over the last year, but today BlackBerry released a press release stating that they are forming a committee to look for “strategic alternatives”.  So what does this mean for BlackBerry fans and […]

Could BlackBerry go private?

There is a very interesting report coming from Reuters that suggests BlackBerry is considering going private. Now this rumor has been swirling around before so again this is a rumor until BlackBerry announces it… “There is a change of tone on the board,” one of the sources said on Thursday. No deal is imminent, however, […]

Fan concept of “Z15 Slider” looks very appealing

Since the initial Torch launched there have been fans of slider devices in the BlackBerry fold.  Well there were rumors that a BlackBerry 10 slider was in the works, the MIlan, but that it had been cancelled internally.  This of course left the slider fans out there very sad, but some of those same fans […]

Android-powered BlackBerry Z10 knock-off hits eBay

Well it seems BlackBerry Z10 clones started to come out of China. This one was found on eBay, running Android 4.0. As you might expect, the specs aren’t  impressive: 1 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, 2 megapixel camera, and an 800 x 480 3.5-inch display. Quad-band GSM is supported for 850/900/1800/1900 MHz through twin […]

Are Your BlackBerry 10 Email Credentials Being Sent To BlackBerry Servers?

There is a report that claims exactly that. BlackBerry has always been known to have high security. After all, there are government organizations worldwide, that depend on the safety of their data. Website Geekheim, details in the report not only what the “leak” is, but how to find out for yourself. Read the full summary […]

BlackBerry 10.2 will bring lockscreen previews and priority contacts

Since the release of the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK there has been a lot of discussion about what features will be introduced in the new OS.  A CrackBerry forum member, Flip4Bytes, has pointed out that 10.2 will be bringing lockscreen previews as well as priority contacts. The ability to turn on lockscreen previews is one the […]

SoundHound coming “very soon” to BlackBerry 10

There is a lack of music identification services available for BlackBerry 10 at the moment.  For those of you that enjoy using this type of app, you will happy to know that SoundHound will be releasing a BlackBerry 10 app very soon.  Today their support profile on Twitter responded to some inquiries about a BlackBerry […]