BlackBerry 10 demand could be around 1.5 million units per month

According to an article over at SeekingAlpha this morning, BlackBerry 10 demand could be upwards to 1.5 million units per month.  Now we always have to take articles like this one with a grain of salt as actual numbers have not been released, however the author has some pretty comprehensive data to back up their […]

BlackBerry and Brodeur Partners part ways after 16 years

BlackBerry and Brodeur Partners will be parting ways after working together for 16 years.  In a recent interview with Technobuffalo, BlackBerry announced that they have decided to revamp their PR strategy and will operate their public relations under one team made up of APCO and Text100. ”BlackBerry made the decision to embark on an initiative […]

BlackBerry Q5 set to retail at approx. £20.00 a month in the UK

Typically when a new phone is announced there are several prices that get released leading up the official one. Most of the time these prices are place holders for online retailers, but this time the price comes right from Rob Orr (BlackBerry UK’s Managing Director).  According to Orr the Q5 will approximately be £20.00 on a […]

BlackBerry R10 appears to have a 2180mAh battery

We saw some more leaked images and specs for the BlackBerry R10 (expected to be the Curve model for BlackBerry 10) last week that showed the R10 as having a 1800mAh non-removable battery.  Well it seems that someone who has their hands on a R10 decided to open up the device to check things out. […]

Verizon Says BlackBerry Z10 Return Rumors Not True

In line with what BlackBerry said last week about the BlackBerry Z10 return rumors, Verizon has confirmed that it is not true.“after 14 days, quality performance has been in line with other smartphone launches.” This rumor has caused a lot of grief for BlackBerry because it gives the impression that the Z10 is of poor […]

WhatsApp denies rumors regarding Google acquisition

We reported yesterday about a rumor concerning Google looking to acquire WhatsApp for somewhere in the $1 billion range.  Well WhatsApp has now spoken up and are denying these rumors, stating that they are not in talks with the search giant.

BlackBerry Q10 launching in Canada on April 30th

BlackBerry had previously said that the Q10 would be releasing in April, and it looks like it will come right down to the wire in Canada.  In this leaked screenshot passed along to Mobilesyrup, it seems that Rogers will be releasing the BlackBerry Q10 on April 30th.

Google rumored to be in talks to acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

There is a new rumor circulating the interwebs today, and it is in regards to Google possibly looking to acquire popular messaging client WhatsApp for close to $1 billion.  According to sources of DigitalTrends Google has been in discussion with WhatsApp for the last few weeks, and that the hold up is WhatsApp looking to […]

Carphone Warehouse goes live with their BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders in the UK

If you are in the UK and have been waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for the BlackBerry Q10 to get released that time is very near.  Today you can now pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 from Carphone Warehouse, and the device is expected to be releases sometime around the end of April.

Seeing duplicates of your Gmail contacts on your Z10? BlackBerry is working on a fix

If you are a Gmail user then you have most likely synced your contacts on the BlackBerry Z10.  You will have also noticed that you probably have duplicates of all your contacts.  Well the good news is that BlackBerry is aware of the issue and they are currently working on a fix for the issues.

BlackBerry being sued for allegedly infringing on flash memory patent

BlackBerry seems to be getting hit with a lot of legal actions these days.  The latest is a patent lawsuit in which BlackBerry, Apple, Motorola, Huawei and ZTE are being pulled into a patent infringement case by Handal & Associates on behalf of e.Digital.  The case is based on a patent that e.Digital holds for […]

Shareholder lawsuit against BlackBerry dismissed

A lawsuit filed against BlackBerry by some American shareholders has been dismissed from court by U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan in Manhattan last Friday.  The shareholder plaintiffs were claiming that the BlackBerry that various executives of the company had made deliberate and material misstatements about the demise of BlackBerry from 2010 to 2011.

BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices start to get into the hands of some developers

BlackBerry announced a while ago that they would be providing select developers with a Dev Alpha C device to help them prepare their apps for the Q10.  Well it seems that the Dev Alpha C devices are now starting to get into the hands of some developers.  Word is that the Dev Alpha C has only started […]

T-Mobile handing out Alicia Keys tickets to the first 10 BlackBerry Z10 buyers at NYC location

If you are in New York City, a T-Mobile customer and plan on buying a BlackBerry Z1o tomorrow – you are going to want to head to one specific location to snag your Z10.  It seems that to celebrate the BlackBerry Z10 coming to T-Mobile, they will be handing out Alicia Keys tickets to the […]

BlackBerry has “exciting” new flagship planned for later this year

In an interview with CNET, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, had some interesting comments to make. According to Heins BlackBerry has three to four new BlackBerry 10 devices planned for this year.  While we have previously learnt that they are not planning on releasing any low-end devices, they will be releasing some mid-tier ones.

Pentagon denies reports of switch from BlackBerry to iOS

Here we are, another day and another rumor about some company or organization dropping BlackBerry for iOS or Android.  This time around it was a rumor that the Pentagon was going to be ditching their 470,000 BlackBerry devices in favor of the iPhone.  As with most of these types of rumors there is now an […]

AT&T getting ready for BlackBerry Z10 launch – Stock and demo units hit some stores

We are only two days away from the BlackBerry Z10 being available on AT&T, and it looks like the carrier is ramping up for the day.  There have been numerous reports that AT&T stores have started to get their stock in of the Z10, as well as some employees have been given devices to try to use before the […]

BlackBerry reduces the price of the Z10 in India to stay competitive

The BlackBerry Z10 has seen some great sales numbers, this is especially true in India where the device sold out in to days.  In an effort to stay competitive within the smartphone market, BlackBerry has now reduced the price of the BlackBerry Z10 in response to Apple’s price drop on the iPhone5.

BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 rumored to be coming next week

The guys over at BerryReview have received a tip that BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 1o will be coming sometime next week.  We had expected BlackBerry to release some new apps in conjunction with the US launch of the Z10, and it looks like BlackBerry Travel is one of those apps.

SaskTel decides to skip latest BlackBerry Z10 OS update due to “negative impact on roaming capabilities”

Recently the majority of the Canadian carriers, that are selling the Z10, have pushed out the latest OS update.  However in an odd turn of events, SaskTel has made it clear that they are skipping the latest OS version.  SaskTel is claiming that the update will have a “it will have a negative impact on the […]