NHL GameCenter App Coming To BlackBerry 10 “Later This Season”

For all you hockey fans out there you will happy to hear that the NHL GameCenter App will be making its way to BlackBerry 10.  The GameCenter App comes in a few variants, from free all the way up to a $49.99 subscription with obviously different levels of access.  The app will allow you to […]

RIM upgrading infrastructure hardware in anticipation of BlackBerry 10?

Rumor has it that RIM has started to perform some hardware and infrastructure upgrades in anticipation of the launch of BlackBerry 10.  The list of rumored upgrades include AppWorld updates, database updates, network capacity updates and potentially even more.

RIM may face a possible $1 billion write-off of unsold devices

With many users waiting for the release of BlackBerry 10 devices in the fall, RIM is possibly facing a large write-off of unsold units that are in stock.  The stockpile of PlayBook tablets and BlackBerry smartphones has swelled by over two-thirds in the pas year.  This abundance can be attributed to an 18% increase in […]

Updated your PlayBook to the 2.0 beta and want Bridge items to work? We may have an answer

  I am sure that I am not alone in this one, but I of course updated my PlayBook to the developer beta of version 2.0 and have since been missing my Bridge functionality.  Well I stumbled upon a neat little fix today while roaming around on Twitter, and while I have not been able […]