Video: BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B vs Samsung Galaxy S3 in Browser Test

Mobile Link We have recently seen the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha go up against the HTC Windows Phone 8 as well as the iPhone 5 now we have a video that shows off the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B vs the Samsung Galaxy S3! The BlackBerry 10 browser is loading a bit faster on some […]


BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza Caught on Video

As we are getting closer to BlackBerry World 2011, we are seeing more and more leaked info on future devices from RIM. Below is a leaked video of the “Blackberry Strom3 First hand on by xenon art.” Now we know the codename for the device is BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza not the Storm 3. Hit the […]

Storm 3 Details still emerging!

looks like the Storm 3 has made some appearances lately.Showing off its specs and getting some pics along the way.The S3 looks like its really shaping up to be another great BB release. Boasting a whopping 1.2ghz Processor, 720p video, and 8 gigs of internal storage. Its also pushing the envelop on screens for BlackBerries […]