Is BlackBerry in talks with Cisco, Google, and SAP to sell off portfolio?

Over the weekend Reuters published a report that BlackBerry is currently in talks with Cisco, Google and SAP to sell off their portfolio… The portfolio in question is parts of itself including BlackBerry’s secure server network and patent portfolio. This is not really a stretch for BlackBerry as they are exploring “strategic alternatives”. BlackBerry has […]

Moog, SAP and Songza All Coming to BlackBerry 10 Natively

With the new tools and features available for developers, BlackBerry has added a few more partners and applications to the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem. BlackBerry now currently has well over 120,000 applications. Moog the first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed for use with the new BlackBerry 10 OS,  synthesizers also use low-pass filters and high-pass filters to modify sound. SAP, the enterprise […]

RIM hosting BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th

For anyone that does development for enterprise applications, or is looking to get into the enterprise side of things, RIM will be hosting a BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th.  The event will be held online, so there is no need to travel halfway around the world for this one, and it will look […]

SAP shows off their prototype HTML5 app at BlackBerry 10 Jam

With the addition of BlackBerry 10 Jam at BlackBerry World this year we are  seeing some pretty awesome stuff come out of the sessions.  One of these instances was when Peter Graham, Director, Mobility, Financial Applications SAP showed off their prototype HTML5 app and how well it works on the PlayBook and on existing BlackBerry 7 […]