BlackBerry’s Be Mobile Conference Focuses on Mobile Security in Latin America

Second Annual Event Will Convene Mobile Industry Leaders and Academics to Focus on Emerging Trends MIAMI, FLORIDA–(Marketwired – May 12, 2014) – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a world leader in mobile communications, kicks off today its second Be Mobile Conference for Latin American media. The event will focus on the topic of mobile security and how […]


BlackBerry drills Apple over not Encrypting stored attachments

Security researcher Andreas Kurtz has discovered that versions of iOS 7, including iOS 7.1.1 (the current release), iOS 7.1, and iOS 7.0.4 do not encrypt email attachments in the bundled Mail application. This is an issue itself, but more worrisome as iOS, according to Apple, is supposed to encrypt email attachments. Data protection is available […]

BlackBerry to build future on trusted consultancy

Matthew Ball, managing director, BlackBerry Australia and New Zealand is howing that  BlackBerry’s  new focus on consultancy services and software will prove the right strategic move for the smartphone brand that has fallen out of favor with users worldwide. Our role in the market has changed dramatically in the last three years BlackBerry is now […]

BlackBerry Product Security VP, Sinisha Patkovic talks mobile security

It is always great to see BlackBerry talking about the security on their platform. In a recent interview, Computer Weekly sat down with BlackBerrys VP of Product Security, Sinisha Patkovic. They talked about how BlackBerry prioritizes security. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Via: BerryReview

Secusmart Takes BlackBerry Encryption Chip To The Desktop

The SecuSuite smartphone security system is built on the Balance feature of BlackBerry OS 10, which separates business and personal apps and data into two partitions. SecuSmart uses special SD cards containing a cryptographic engine and a keystore to further secure the data in the business partition, and to encrypt voice and data communications made […]

Jeff Gadway talks privacy and security on BBM

BlackBerry just let us know about an article that was just published on the Inside BlackBerry Blog featuring Jeff Gadway head of product and brand marketing for BBM. Jeff explains the ways in which BBM has placed security at the forefront where other messaging apps have fallen short. He also reiterates BBM’s commitment to building […]

SnapChat DoS issues discovered

Jaime Sanchez is a cyber security consultant for Telefonica in Spain and he has uncovered a little tiny itsy bitsy problem with SnapChat… one that can crash an iPhone… no biggie *shrug* While SnapChat is quite a clever app that has time limits on pictures and videos there has been quite a lot of controversy […]

WhatsApp Has More Security Problems, A Sign That More People Should Have BBM

A few weeks back, we told you about WhatsApp being hacked. The problem was quickly fixed at the time. Now it seems that they are having more problems. What’s happening now? It appears that even if you die, your WhatsApp account with show activity without you! How is that? Because the phone number is what […]

TrendMicro Spotlights The Security Features of Blackberry 10

My favorite security software is TrendMicro. As a global leader in cloud security, Trend Micro develops Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With more than 25 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in server security, virtual security, and […]

Max Safe Browser now available for BlackBerry 10

If you are looking for a super secure browser for your BlackBerry 10 device, you may want to check out a new app that was released yesterday.  Max Safe Browser is a third party browser for BlackBerry 10 devices that is built as a native app and has anti-phishing built in.  The app will run you […]

Heading to Black Hat 2013? Be sure to check BlackBerry 10 OS from a security perspective briefing

With the Black Hat US 2013 conference set to take place in Las Vegas on July 27th – August 1st, we really can’t wait to see what will come out of it. What we do know is that there will be a briefing on BlackBerry 10 from a security perspective. This briefing will be hosted […]

Max Mobile Security updated, is now Built for BlackBerry certified

Pune, India (June 9h, 2013) – Max Secure Software announces the release of version its 5.3 of Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry® 10 (NASDAQ: BBRY). With complete integration with native features like the hub, notifications, background scans with active frame, context menu with social and BBM sharing. The UI/UX is completely designed ground up for BlackBerry […]

Max Mobile Security Updated – Adds Support for the Q10 and more

Pune, India (April 30th, 2013) – Max Secure Software announces the release of version its fourth version of Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry® 10 (NASDAQ: BBRY). This release is integrated with native BlackBerry features integrated like hub integration, notifications, background scan with active frame, context menu with social and BBM sharing. Max Mobile Security is the […]

BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team Is Formed To Help Protect User Privacy

Since last week I  have been playing around on my Z10, which of course means looking for great apps.  Unfortunately a lot of what once can find in BlackBerry World is not of the highest quality.  In an effort the curate the app selection,a nd ensure that customers are being taken care of, BlackBerry has […]

5 Reasons Why SpectorSoft Is Betting Big On BlackBerry

Last week SpectorSoft shocked a few people when they announced a BlackBerry specific upgrade of Spector 360.  For those that don’t know Spector 360 is an employee monitoring system that tracks activities performed on Windows, Mac and BlackBerry.  To explain their reasoning behind sticking with BlackBerry  SpectorSoft VP of Marketing, Nick Cavalancia, listed the top 5 reasons […]

Metaforic Extends Application Protection to BlackBerry 10

METAFORIC EXPANDS REVOLUTIONARY SOFTWARE IMMUNE SYSTEM PROTECTION TO APPLICATIONS RUNNING ON BLACKBERRY 10 Extends Security Protection Portfolio to New Mobile Operating System; Shields Code Integrity from Tampering, Targeted Malware and Hackers        SAN JOSE, CALIF. January 15, 2013— Metaforic, the innovative software security company, today announced that its world-class software immune system is now available for […]

Review: SecureMic for BlackBerry Smartphones

I hate locking my phone, I’m so often checking it for notifications or responding to BBMs that locking it becomes a hassle more than a security necessity. With that said I do often end up pocket dialing some of my contacts. SecureMic is a intuitive and clear-cut application that quells the worries of pocket dialing and mobile eavesdropping from spyware. […]

106 Passwords that BlackBerry 10 Won’t Let You Use

Security is paramount to BlackBerry and it’s something that it’s reputation hangs on.RIM not only takes security into account at the highest level but also at the very lowest level. Deep in the heart of the BlackBerry 10 OS is a list of 106 passwords that you will not be able to use. We will probably see […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Remains Top Security Tablet, says Context

RIM and the name BlackBerry holds the highest position in mobile security certainly. With RIM is a core basis for deep security integration at the base level and this level of security is delivered and follow through with its customers. Why we all choose, and continue to have BlackBerry device as opposed to other devices on the market. RIM’s push and dive into the tablet […]