SIM Free BlackBerry Leap now available in the UK

If you are in the UK and have been waiting for the release of the SIM free BlackBerry Leap your wait is now over! Unlocked-Mobiles is now offering the SIM free BlackBerry Leap at a price of £204.98 including VAT. With this purchase you also get a two year warranty!! Let us know if you […]

Clove UK now offering the SIM free BlackBerry Passport in red

If you are in the UK and have been holding out on picking up the SIM free BlackBerry Passport in red, get in front of your PC and order it today from Clove! Clove is offering the black, white and now the red SIM free BlackBerry Passport for £525.00 including VAT. Are you going to […]

Get the BlackBerry Z3 SIM free from Clove UK

I say better late then never! If you are in the UK and you are looking to upgrade to a BlackBerry 10 device, but don’t want to spend a ton of cash you can now get the BlackBerry Z3 from Clove for £154.99, including VAT. Built by Foxconn and released in February 2014 the BlackBerry […]

In the UK? Get the SIM-Free BlackBerry Z30 from ShopBlackBerry now!

BlackBerry just launched the BlackBerry Z30 GSM unlocked version here in the US just last week. Now BlackBerry has released the BlackBerry Z30 SIM-free version in the UK. You can no purchase the BlackBerry Z30 SIM-free for £499.99 from ShopBlackBerry in both white and black. Let us know in the comments if you plan on […]

BlackBerry Q5 available for Purchase Without SIM in UK.

The Q5 has been the topic of discussion for quite some time for followers of BlackBerry.  Most people had heard that the Q5 would be released in the UK without a SIM on July 1st.  Looks like that launch timeline was slightly off considering they are available now at .  The price point for the […]

BlackBerry Q5 SIM free version set to hit the UK early

Well here is an interesting tidbit of news coming from James over at CB. According to James the BlackBerry Q5 will be arriving at Clove in the UK on Monday July 1st. July 1st is a bit sooner then we all expected to see the SIM free version launch in the UK. Also pricing is supposed […]

SIM Free BlackBerry Q5 Will Run £349.98 in the UK

The SIM Free BlackBerry Q5 is said to run £349.98 in the UK, this according to an email CB received from The BlackBerry Q5 is about £200 cheaper then the BlackBerry Q10 ans is supposed to arrive this summer rocking GSM Quad Band 850/1800/1900/2100 4G & LTE. Specifications System: GSM Quad Band 850/1800/1900/2100 4G […]

Get the SIM free BlackBerry Q10 from Selfridges

If you are in the UK and want to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 you will be able to do so this week! According to BlackBerry UK’s Twitter account “The #BlackBerryQ10 is available exclusively at @Selfridges this Fri/Sat/Sun”. The BlackBerry Q10 will retail for £579.99 which is expensive, but expect the cost to drop a […]

SIM Free BlackBerry Z10’s will be available in the UK this week

Good news! If you located in the UK and still have yet to pick up your new BlackBerry Zed 10 then you are in luck starting this week you will be able to purchase the Z10 SIM Free. This is a great alternative for those user who are on Pay-As-You Go plans or just want the device to […]

Unlocked-Mobiles.Com Offering The Blackberry Bold 9790 SIM Free In The UK

For £304.98 users in the UK can get one of the white Blackberry Bold 9790s. It is only the white version that they are offering, but I still think this is a good deal. You also get next day delivery.

SIM-Free BlackBerry Bold 9790 Will be Available in the UK on January 9th

RIM announced that they will be releasing a SIM-Free version of the Bold 9790 that will be available in the UK on January 9th.