Jam Couleur 3-in-1 Themes, For One Price

We received an email from the guys over at i-Mentalist. They let us know about the Jam Couleur 3-in-1 themes, plus FUZZengine and Slotch updated. Jam Couleur 3-in-1 HedoneDesign Jam Couleur is minimalistic, astonishly designed and wallpaper friendly theme with “easy to get used to” icons. You will now be able to get Yellow, Blue […]

FUZZengine and Slotch Now Include BlackBerry 10 UI Elements in New Updates!

Just yesterday we told you about how FUZZengine for PlayBook got a small update to v1.1.5, Well i-Mentalist let us know that they also updated Slotch. Both BlackBerry PlayBook applications now include BlakBerry 10 UI elements in options and you can now use both applications and its options in vertical view.

Guest Article By @fortneyland95: Slotch – World time, Weather, Alarm.

Mobile Link I had the honor of using this app from  I-Mentalist thanks to Hedone!  Their Slotch app offers up the weather along with a world clock and multiple alarms into one PlayBook app.  Its makes the app into one sweet bedside clock along with nice integration with FUZZengine which allows for images downloaded from […]