Viadeo Is The Latest Social Networking App For The Blackberry

Viadeo for Blackberry is a Business social networking app geared at professionals. It is a way for individuals to make contacts that they wouldn’t otherwise find. You can view millions of other profiles and add them as your contacts.


Chat & find friends in the area with Badoo for BlackBerry

Badoo is a new social networking app that is available for BlackBerry.

Pinbook For Blackberry In Open Beta, Ready For Download

Pinbook was recently in Closed Beta, and thus only available to certain users. Now it has been put into Open Beta and is ready to download. To recap: Pinbook is not just one of those BBM connected apps we keep downloading and trying out, its more like a “REAL” BBM social app! The app connects […]

The Developers’ Guild

Not to long go I (AJC3 Designs) started a website exclusively for developers.  The Developers’ Guild is that site.  A social networking masterpiece that will allow developers from all styles to be able to show off what they can do.  BlackBerry, iOS, Android and web development are all included for your works to be shown.

LinkedIn updated to version

Business users, unite! LinkedIN has been updated to include OS6 support. This build fixes a few bugs including an updated profile view, and speed updates. The developers say that they are working on the closing system. In this and previous builds the app continued to run in the background, regardless of how the user closed […]