Download #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10 MP3

Mobile Link TeamBlackBerry we know you all love the hot new song “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10″ from Lil E @BTBREPRESENTA I have definitely been jamming it on my BlackBerry PlayBook, now you can download this awesome song to your favorite BlackBerry device! Hit the break to get the link #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10


No Sleep till BlackBerry 10 song by Lil E

BlackBerry Fans have always been ready to rally the troops in preparation of a launch. Well Lil E, know as @BTBREPRESENTA on twitter, has released a new song that will do just that.

Music Video: Don’t Drop That BB by MikelCal

Mobile Link We have seen a bunch of songs from many different artist based on BlackBerry. This one is no different Don’t Drop That BB by MikelCal is a great song based on well you guessed it BlackBerry. I must say the beat is great!

Official Music Video: “Hit Me Up on the BBM” Let’s Be Friends from Breeze and SP

mobile video link This by far is the best BlackBerry related songs we have heard. “Hit me up on BBM” came out earlier this year and now we get to see the official music video! The bar code t-shirt’s that Breeze and SP are wearing are awesome, So AWESOME that I am thinking about going and having one […]