Download #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10 MP3

Mobile Link TeamBlackBerry we know you all love the hot new song “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10” from Lil E @BTBREPRESENTA I have definitely been jamming it on my BlackBerry PlayBook, now you can download this awesome song to your favorite BlackBerry device! Hit the break to get the link #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10

No Sleep till BlackBerry 10 song by Lil E

BlackBerry Fans have always been ready to rally the troops in preparation of a launch. Well Lil E, know as @BTBREPRESENTA on twitter, has released a new song that will do just that.

Music Video: Don’t Drop That BB by MikelCal

Mobile Link We have seen a bunch of songs from many different artist based on BlackBerry. This one is no different Don’t Drop That BB by MikelCal is a great song based on well you guessed it BlackBerry. I must say the beat is great!