BlackBerry PlayBook pulled from online stores in US and Canada, Points to 4G LTE Model Release?

All current Wi-Fi models of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablets have been pulled from online retail stores of top retailers in the United States and Canada, does this mean that we will be seeing the release of the new BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE Models?


Staples After Rebate Cost Brings Playbook Price Down To $299

The current selling price of the Playbook $399, and supposedly after mail-in-rebate you get back a $100 prepaid Visa rebate card. This is for, not for You can get the form and other info from here. One thing I noticed was the selling date was from August 28th to Sept 3rd, which has […]

Staples Selling 16gb PlayBook For What Works Out To Be $199 During The Back-At-School Offer

Unconfirmed reports are saying that you can go to Staples and using their one-time-use $150 off Staples (select people are being sent the coupon) store coupon plus the $100 gift card promotion AND the $50 off current sale price ($449) of the Playbook, works out to $199. You get all that?

Staples is Offering $100 Any Tablet!

Staples is offering $100 off any tablet excluding the HP TouchPad, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. This means you can get the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB for $399 the 32 GB for $499 and the 64 GB for $599! This offer is good until 07/30/2011 and is limited to US Staples ONLY. So why […]

Staples: BlackBerry PlayBook gets recalled

All most 1,000 BlackBerry PlayBook’s shipped to Staples are now being recalled. The reason for the recall?  Faulty PlayBook’s… Engadget has posted all of the 935 alleged serial numbers for you to check against your own. If you bought your PlayBook at Staples and it is on the list we suggest you take it back for […]

BlackBerry PlayBooks show up at Staples in Canada

Ronen has received a tip that the BlackBerry PlayBooks have started to arrive at a Staples in Canada! They have the 16 and 32GB in stock and ready to rock come launch day. They have yet to receive the 64GB at this time. Source

BlackBerry PlayBook hits Staples weekly ad – Still available April 19th

Staples released thier weekly advertisment and  the PlayBook is front and center. It shows the 16GB version for $499. You can still pre order it through a lot of different vendors if you want to make sure that you have one; or if you are feeling lucky see if you can pick one up on […]

Staples Addresses “Cancelled” PlayBook Orders

I must say it took Staples way to long to address the “cancelled” PlayBook issue in there system. Here is what Staples had to say about it: Valued Staples Customer, Thank you for selecting a BlackBerry PlayBook during our pre-sale campaign.  Because this is a pre-sale, the order number assigned when you preordered (referenced above) […]

Playbook showing cancelled – Dont Worry

If you ordered your Playbook from Staples you may see ‘Cancelled’. Don’t worry, apparently the Staples system once it processes will show cancelled. If you do want to call them to verify the number is 800-STAPLES, may not be a bad idea anyway. While I am not sure why it does this, customer service does […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Display Pops Up at Staples in NYC

It appears the a Staples store in NYC has begun setting up displays for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Ronen noted that “They have put up this booth and for what its worth one of the employees in the store said it was coming next week…” Hmm that does not jive with RIM’s release date now does […]

Pre-order the BlackBerry PlayBook from Staples

We now know thatBest Buy has begun taking pre-orders for BlackBerry PlayBook, now Staples has followed suit. You can pickup the Blackberry PlayBook from Staples: 16GB – $499.98 32GB – $599.98 64GB – $699.98 Expect you pre-order PlayBook to ship within 7-14 days. Pre-order the BlackBerry PlayBook from Staples Source

Staples Canada To Hold Sales Challenges Starting April 15th For PlayBook

As you can see from the above leaked Staples Canada calendar, it looks like the PlayBook will be available on or before April 15th. The calendar shows some District Sales Challenges on both Friday April 15th and Friday April 22nd, so you can assume the tablet will have to be available for a sales challenge. […]

BlackBerry PlayBook headed to Staples – Confirms April Release Date

Staples will be launching the BlackBerry PlayBook around April 17th. If you take March 15th and add 33 days you get April 17th or 18th as the launch date. No details on pricing at this time. Source

Image of the BlackBerry PlayBook training at Staples show up

We first heard that the BlackBerry PlayBook was headed to Staples back in February. Well the above photo shows that training modules for the PlayBook are scheduled to be available on March 30th. Training info is usually available to employees about 30 days before a product is launched. If the 30 days stands true Staples […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Headed to Staples?

CrackBerry has gotten their hands on a training document form Staples, and it looks like the Blackberry PlayBook will be headed there soon, The training document shows that on March 16 BlackBerry PlayBook traiing will begin. We already know the PlayBook will be sold in  ”non-traditional” retail locations. It has been heard that Staples is […]