Billionaire Jim Simons invests nearly $36 Million in BlackBerry by purchasing 3.3 Million shares

Billionaire Jim Simons has invested nearly $36 Million dollars in shares of BlackBerry. That equates to Mr. Simons purchasing 3.3 Million shares of BlackBerry stock. This investment seems to show that Mr. Simons sticks by BlackBerry CEO John Chen and how BlackBerry is leading the way for the Internet of Things (IoT). Simons has been […]

7.8 Million BlackBerry Shares purchased by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has just taken a liking for BlackBerry stocks. Being one of Canada’s largest institutional investors through their diversified portfolio of Canadian and international assets. They have invested in almost 7.8 million shares of BlackBerry in the third quarter. This investment is worth about $84.5 million  and brings them to having a  1.6 percent […]

Motley Fool Lists 3 Reasons to buy BlackBerry Stock

As we know BlackBerry has a very big week ahead of itself next week. As they will be hosting a launch party for the BlackBerry Passport, 10.3, and most likely Blend. Then two days later we are expecting the second quarterly earnings report. While speculation is running wild, Motley Fool has heard that the report […]

Co-founder Mike Lazaridis has sold off 3.5 million shares in BlackBerry since Monday

As I sit here and type this article, I am watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my family I received a BBM from a good friend informing me that former BlackBerry Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis had sold off 3.5 million shares in BlackBerry since Monday. The sale of the shares are said to be worth $26 million […]

17th Day of BlackBerry’s 25 days of gifts! – Stocks for BlackBerry 10

The 17th installment of the 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry, brings us to Stocks for BlackBerry 10. Celebrate Blackberry World’s “25 Days of Gifts” and share some Holiday Cheer. Track your favorite Stocks and monitor your Portfolio in Real Time* and After Hours**. There are over 40+ different worldwide exchanges/indexes supported for current stock price data as well as stock […]

Stocks for BlackBerry 10 Updated

Stocks for BlackBerry 10 has received a nice update to version With Stocks you can track your favorite Stocks and monitor your Portfolio in Real Time* and After Hours**. There are over 40+ different worldwide exchanges/indexes supported for current stock price data as well as stock charts. You can view Stock/Portfolio information in full […]

Stocks for BlackBerry 10 Updated

Alex Garipian has just released a major update for Stocks for BlackBerry 10. Stocks for BlackBerry 10 is a Built for BlackBerry Application that lets you monitor you stock portfolio. Track your favorite Stocks and monitor your Portfolio in Real Time* and After Hours**. There are over 40+ different worldwide exchanges/indexes supported for current stock […]

Analyst claims 1.3 million BlackBerry 10 devices would push BlackBerry back into the Black

If there is anything more certain than the fact that the sun will rise, it is that analysts will make predictions that wildly differ from any previous ones.  We have seen all kinds of predictions and estimates from analysts since the BlackBerry Z10 started to launch in countries around the world.

Former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Sells off his BlackBerry Stock

Talk about an interesting turn of events former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has sold off his 5.1 percent stake in BlackBerry stock. in the official SEC filing you can clearly see that former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has no stock left in BlackBerry. Mr. Balsillie cleared all holding in BlackBerry stock on or by December 31, 2012.  […]

Research In Motion (RIMM) To Change To BlackBerry (BBRY) On February 4th

During the keynote speech at the launch event on Wednesday, CEO Thorsten Heins made the announcement that RIM was now officially BlackBerry.  Of course this means that a stock ticker change is in order, and on Monday February 4th RIMM will become BBRY.  This may seem fast, but signs have already started to change in Waterloo and it […]

RIM Reports on Third Fiscal Quarter Earnings for 2013

RIM has released their earnings report for Q3 2013 today.  The earnings report doesn’t really include any surprises, as we all knew what to expect at this time. RIM has been concentrating on the launch of BlackBerry 10, and therefore we weren’t expecting to see any huge numbers from them on current in market devices. […]

RIM Share price sees jump after Goldman Sachs gets behind BlackBerry 10

RIM has been receiving some good news from analysts lately.  We have seen numerous investors and analysts change their ratings on RIM from “neutral” or “sell” to “buy”, all in anticipation of the launch of BlackBerry 10 in 2013. The latest firm to change their rating for RIM is Goldman Sachs, who have changed their […]

Peter Misek changes opinion on RIM from Sell to Hold

If there is one analyst that has been a little tougher than most on RIM lately it is Peter Misek of Jeffries.  He has been urging everyone and their mother to sell off RIM shares before the bottom falls out, well today he has upgraded his stance from Sell to Hold.

RIM could provide unlimited upside potential with very limited risk to investors

With the announcement day for BlackBerry 10 now official, many analysts are starting to weight in on RIM’s position in the market.  It seems that many analysts are now starting to promote investing in RIM due to the limited risk for unlimited upside potential. Seeking Alpha has done a nice in-depth report on what they […]

RIM Shares Moving Up on Reports of Increased Cash; Special Report by Leading Financial e-Letter Investment Contrarians

In a recent Investment Contrarians article, editor Sasha Cekerevac reports that the latest quarterly report from Research In Motion (RIM) was a positive surprise, which resulted in the shares moving up strongly following the news. What has the Street turning somewhat positive is that RIM increased its cash to $2.3 billion from $2.2 billion in […]

Check Out RIM’s Earnings Preview Before June 28th

SeekingAlpha actually created the graph to the left, as well as some charts and other info. They are not official numbers, but pretty close to what can be expected when RIM reports the final numbers June 28th. Looking at the numbers, they aren’t really surprising, the last year there has been a decline as well […]

Blackberrys in Canada Soon to Double as Credit Cards

Canadians may soon be able to pay for purchases with a quick tap of their smartphones after a major bank and the country’s largest wireless carrier struck a deal to embed credit card information on handsets equipped with a chip to transmit data.

Scotiabank launches iTRADE app for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

Scotiabank has developed and launched their iTRADE app for BlackBerry, as well as Android and iOS.  Hit the break for the full details on the app.

Apple’s App Store Is Worth More Than All Of RIM

RIM hasn’t been having the best year. So it probably comes as a surprise to no one that Apple’s App Store alone is worth more than RIM.

RIM stock falls below $20 a share, ahead of Earnings Call

Sadly today RIM stock share has falling to its lowest amount since May 2004 to $15.08. Not too sure as to what this will mean for the future of RIM but all markets have hickups. Reluctantly Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie will be giving the RIM earnings call for the numbers and projections for RIM. Keep it lock to […]