AT&T wants to know what you think of the BlackBerry Z10!

We have been seeing a huge push in marketing from BlackBerry and not much from the carriers here in the USA, so when this came in on our tip line I thought it was great! AT&T is currently sending out the below survey email to find out what you think about the BlackBerry Z10! The […]

Take Vision Mobile’s Survey, Get Entered To Win A BlackBerry Z10

Vision Mobile is looking for app developers to participate in the survey. It’s only 10 minutes long and they are asking questions about app development, platforms and HTML vs. native development. And more specific questions like which platforms generate most revenue?

BlackBerry Riens in India over iPhone and Samsung in Mobile Market Space!

It seem like things are continuing to be booming for BlackBerry in 2013! Turns out in a hosted brand survey BlackBerry has been ranked overall & seeded 2nd next to Nokia in mobile handset segment!  ”We are really excited at having been able to make an impact on a segment that we clearly identified and worked very […]

Most Of The Current Blackberry Users Will Upgrade To BB10 According To A Survey

The current Blackberry users and new to Blackberry account for more than half that are planning on getting a Blackberry 10 device. According to surveys that Scotia Capital analyst Gus Papageorgiou has seen, 70% of existing RIM subscribers plan to upgrade. That would be massive and I can’t quite imagine that’s possible even in my […]

UAE Students Have A Fondness For Blackberry

UAE Axiom Telecom did a survey on which phones UAE students preferred. Coming in first place was Blackberry. Other contenders were the Iphone and Nokia. Faisal Al Bannai, who is the CEO of Axion said: “UAE students are among the most connected in the world and it seems that, at least for the time being, […]

VisionMobile Developers Economics Survey 2013, Enter To Win Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Device Or A 4G Playbook

VisionMobile has put on a survey which “investigates developer mindshare, revenues, market challenges, and benchmarks the top developer tools, from ad networks to user analytics.” Fill out the survey and you are automatically entered to win a Playbook 4G or a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Device. There are 3 other prizes you can win, but […]

Milward Brown BrandZ Survey -Blackberry No Longer In Top 100

Just last year Blackberry was #25 for the 100 brands, and this is all brands. It was a drop from an all time high of #14 in 2010 but way better than this year. BrandZ does annual surveys of the Global Most Valuable Brands.

Blackberry Users Want Instagram Too

Instagram was just launched for Android and now Blackberry users are wondering where it is for them. That is, are the people who developed Instagram going to make one for the Blackberry platform?

Press Release: RIM in Striking Distance Prior to Blackberry 10 release, Reports comScore

In the news RIM catches a lot of flock, and are downed on when it comes to their sales and the popularity of our beloved Berry in the US markets. Not to be overlook as RIM wins tenfold in international markets. In any event comScore has published the latest data showing that RIM is the 3rd in […]

The Playbook Has A 15% Tablet Market Share In Canada According To Solutions Research Group

Toronto-based Solutions Research Group just did a survey on tablet ownership in Canada. And not a huge surprise, the Ipad held the top spot with a 68% market share- though down from 86% before. The Playbook currently holds 15% market share in Canada, probably due to all the sales and the promise of OS2 coming […] Survey Says That Blackberry Users Are Less Likely To Have Sex On A First Date But Will Probably Drink A lot conducted a survey on 1068 single Canadians, with devices of choice being Blackberry, Android and Iphone. Blackberry came in 3rd on this one at 48% but as for having a drink on a first date, it was 72%!

BlackBerry Users Tend to Be Older and Wealthier, Study Finds

  ComScore has released an interesting new study that shows the breakdown in ages and household income in the US. They have found the Blackberry user tend to be inclined to being that of older and more wealthier variances. Which would make sense as the Blackberry Device is not an iToy. Hit the jump for all the details.

Gazelle Does A Survey About People And Their Smartphones, Comes Up With Some Interesting Results

People think that your choice of car says a lot about you. Gazelle thinks the same thing about cell phones. During CES 2012 Gazelle did a survey on show floor attendees on their cell phones and how they directly relate to their outlook on life.

Devs: Respond to Millennial Media State of the Apps Survey for a Chance to Win $500

Millennial Media is working on their “State of the Apps” report right now and are asking mobile app developers to complete a survey about this.