T-Mobile accessories guide shows Blackberry Bold 9780 coming in November?

This is really going to make some people upset if they just bought the Bold 9700… It appears that T-Mobile is set to release accessories for the Blackberry Bold 9780 on November 15 2010.  Which means the Bold 9780 release is right around the corner, The Bold 9700 was release in November of last year so the […]


BlackBerry Curve 3G Now Available Through T-Mobile

T-Mobile Has now added the Blackberry Curve 3G to its product line! The Curve 3G is being launched with OS 5 installed. This device is going to get BB OS 6 at a later time. The Curve 3G is being stock in two colors Graphite Grey and Smoky Violet. Are you planing on picking this Blackberry […]

Official OS: for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and the 8900 from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has officially released OS for both the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Curve 8900. Drop us a line here on this post or head over to the NerdBerry forums to share your thoughts… Download: NOTE: You take full responsibility for loading this OS on your phone. Nerdberry.net will not be held responsible […]

Blackberry Curve 3G Launching on Sept. 8th!

It appears that the Curve 3G will be released with OS 5 and and be later upgraded to OS6. Hmm, Why not just release it with OS6? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to leave your comments here on this post or in the NerdBerry forum. “Hey Blackberry fans – here’s some good news […]

Possible Release Date Rumor: Blackberry 9300 for T-Mobile

We new T-Mobile was going to release the 9300 sometime in September please see our article T-Mobile Announces BlackBerry Curve 3G. The folks at Tmo News think they have an actual release date on September 8th. With that said what are you thoughts on the Curve 9300 are you going to go buy one? Please feel […]

Blackberry Pearl 9100 3G Heading to T-Mobile!

Both versions of the Blackberry Pearl (14 key not for North America and 20 key for North America)  just passed through the FCC testing. It looks like T-Mobile will be getting the Pearl after all! We know that will make a lot of customers very happy! Via: Phone Dog