BlackBerry Z10 Displays Start Appearing at T-Mobile Retail Locations

With the official launch of the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile literally right around the corner (March 26th), T-Mobile has started prepping their displays. As you can see in the above image the dispaly/learning center at T-Mobile looks great and will be a great asset for customers and employees to get some hands on time with […]


T-Mobile’s LTE Network Lights Up In 7 Cities on March 26th

Well it looks like my rep at T-Mobile was right on the money when it cal to their LTE network being turned on in Houston on the 26th! According to a leaked document obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile will be lighting up their LTE network in seven cities across the US on March 26th. The cities […]

(***UPDATE*** Z10 to Be Released on March 26th!!) BlackBerry Z10 Shows Up on T-Mobile’s Website as “Coming Soon”

***UPDATE***@TMobileHelp “@IAmAmirHasan A date has already been announced. March 26th… ^KC” T-Mobile has just updated their website to show the BlackBerry Z10 as “coming soon”. This is a great sign that it will be released to everyone in the coming days. There still is no official launch date for T-Mobile at this time. Rumors have […]

T-Mobile Employees Start Training on the BlackBerry Z10 – BlackBerry Z10 Accessories Hit Stores

With the BlackBerry Z10 launch on T-Mobile right around the corner, we now know more information about their training of employees. BBE has received the images in this article which show off the training that the T-Mobile employees must complete to be able to sell the BlackBerry Z10. After the break you will see the […]

T-Mobile Planning March 26th Press Event, Changes to Wireless Network?

T-Mobile is sending out invites for a special event taking place on March 26th, it is speculated that they will announce their UNcarrier details. All Things D is reporting that a T-Mobile rep declined to comment on specifics, but we expect news on the new UNcarrier rates. We have caught news of T-Mobile’s Network Expansion of LTE Network that […]

T-Mobile’s Network Expansion of LTE Network will Include The BlackBerry Z10

T-Mo has been the 4th provider in the US for some time, and are aiming to change that with the aggressive LTE roll out that they have planned.  This roll out will include the popular BlackBerry Z10 Handset. T-MO has is planning on spending 4 billion on “modernizing” their network.

T-Mobile to Launch the BlackBerry Z10 around March 24th and the iPhone 5 in April

Well I just had a very interesting conversation with a T-Mobile customer care representative. The call was spawned by me wanting to see if I could be classified as a business customer to get my hands on a BlackBerry Z10 before the device launched for everyone else. As we all know T-Mobile released the BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Z10 Now Available to T-Mobile Business Customers

Well we have been waiting for the first US carrier to release the BlackBerry Z10, guess who it is! It is T-Mobile!! T-Mobile has launched the BlackBerry Z10 to business customers starting today March 11. The BlackBerry Z10 is available for $249.99 on a two-year contract, because this is for business customers we will assume […]

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Z10 Retail Packaging Caught on Camera

We all know T-Mobile will be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 this month, so it was nice to see the above image pop up on Instagram. Thanks to the folks over at BBE, we now know what T-Mobile’s retail package looks like for the BlackBerry Z10. Let us know what you think in the comments.

T-Mobile will be carrying the BlackBerry Q10

While we know that Sprint will only be carrying the BlackBerry Q10, due in part to their deal with Apple, there were rumors that T-Mobile would only be carrying the Z10.  While that didn’t seem to make any sense to us, the fact remains that there were speculations about this being true.  Luckily the folks […]

T-Mobile to start selling BlackBerry Z10 to business customers on March 11th

The long-awaited US launch of the BlackBerry Z10 is only days away at this point, and for certain T-Mobile customers it is even sooner.  It seems that T-Mobile will start to sell the Z10 to their business customers starting on March 11th, with those customers receiving the devices by March 13th.

BlackBerry Confirms That BlackBerry 10 Will Be Available In The US In A Few Short Weeks

BlackBerry has confirmed from their Twitter account that BlackBerry 10 will be available in the US in a few short weeks. Weeks..seems like forever for people in the US. When the UK, Canada and Africa have already launched. Hurry up!

In the US and can’t wait for the BlackBerry Z10? Pick one up for $789 unlocked from GSMNation

If you are in the US and just can’t wait a few more weeks to get your hands on a shiny new BlackBerry Z10, you can now buy one unlocked from GSMNation.  Now of course you are going to be paying a premium, it will run you $789, and the Z10 will only work on […]

T-Mobile Wants To Be First US Carrier To Launch The BlackBerry Z10

There have been a lot of moans and groans regarding the delay of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10 making their way to US carriers.  There is obviously some carrier side issues, mainly testing we are assuming, that have delayed the American launch by a month or more.  The good news is that T-Mobile has […]

Leaked Screenshot Shows March 27 as the Release Date for the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile

This is the second screenshot we have seen stating the the BlackBerry Z10 would be released on T-Mobile on March 27th. After seeing this I reached out to a couple of sources and they confirmed that yes indeed the BlackBerry Z10 will be released on March 27th. Now I know that more waiting on the […]

T-Mobile UK Now Selling the BlackBerry Z10

T-Mobile UK is now offering the BlackBerry Z10 on their website for £49.99 one-time charge and £36 per month for a two- year contract. £36 per month is what T-Mobile calls The Full Monty. With The Full Monty you get Unlimited internet and texts, 2000 minutes to any networks, Plus unlimited T-Mobile calls as well as […]

EE Adds BlackBerry 10 Registry, Sweetens the Deal with Chance to Win a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!

With all the buzz from BlackBerry 10, more and more carriers are jumping aboard the BlackBerry train. EE has confirmed they will carry the new devices, and now you can register to be in the know on when you can get your 4G BlackBerry 10 smartphone, on EE, Orange or T-Mobile. And to sweeten the deal just a […]

RIM And T-Mobile Holding Executive BlackBerry 10 Event In NYC

Well this is an interesting turn of events when it comes to T-Mobile and BlackBerry 10.  We have previously seen a leaked roadmap that showed T-Mobile releasing their first BlackBerry 10 device at the end of March, but it seems they will be holding an executive BlackBerry 10 event prior to the January 30th announcement.

Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap Shows Release Date For The “BlackBerry Lisbon”

For all you T-Mobile BlackBerry lovers out there, we have some news for you today.  A leaked T-Mobile roadmap has given us what looks to be the release date for the “Blackberry Lisbon” (better known as the BlackBerry Z10) on the network.  Now sadly that date is March 27th, as I am sure most of you […]