Get your T-Moble BlackBerry Q10 Starting today!!

Starting today you will be able to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 on T-Mobile! We have waited for awhile to say those words to you, but at last it is available. You will be able to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 from T-Mobile for $99 down (plus taxes on the full amount) and $20 a […]

Official: BlackBerry Q10 from T-Mobile Available June 5

Beginning June 5, T-Mobile’s latest 4G LTE device – the BlackBerry® Q10 – will be available in T-Mobile retail stores, via and through select dealers and national retail stores for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C.1 with the new Simple Choice Plan.  Customers interested in […]

Video:T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 Arrives Early, See Unboxing

A T-Mobile customer got his BlackBerry Q10 already and decided to film the unboxing. Next week is the official launch of the Q10 for T-Mobile for all customers. Although it should be noted that he is a business customer and last week we mentioned that the Q10 was available for business. It is your standard […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 expected to be released June 5th

Back on May 20th T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Q10 pre-registration webpage went live and confirmed pricing coming in at $579.99 out right or on the installment plan of $99.99 down and $20 a month for 24 months respectively. Well TmoNews is stating that the BlackBerry Q10 on T-Mobile will be released on June 5th. Let us know […]

[Updated:Not T-Mobile Q10’s] Multiple T-Mobile branded BlackBerry Q10 devices go up for sale on eBay

If you are a T-Mobile customer and have been waiting to get your hands on a BlackBerry Q10, you can always turn to eBay.  It seems that some of the select business customers of T-Mobile that have access to the Q10 have decided to sell the device prior to the June release.  You are going […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 Pre-Registration Page Goes Live! – $579.99 Out Right!

Just like we saw this morning with AT&T, T-mobile has followed suit by publishing their BlackBerry Q10 pre-registration page. The difference is the along with the T-mobile registration page comes com interesting pricing. You will be able to pick up the Blackberry Q10 on T-Mobile for $579.99 out right on on the installment plan of […]

T-Mobile Business Customers Can Now Get Their Hands On The BlackBerry Q10

T-Mobile’s Business Customers can get a BlackBerry Q10, while everybody else will have to wait until June. If you go to T-Mobile’s homepage it still says “Coming Soon.” That means the business folks will have to go to their B2B sales reps to get one, as it is non orderable (not really a word) online.

BlackBerry Q10 registration for T-Mobile Business Customers is now live

If you have a T-Mobile business account and have been waiting to get your hands on the BlackBerry Q10 you can now get your registration in.  The registration page allows you to enter in your email address so that you are kept in the loop on any T-Mobile Q10 news.  The release of the Q10 will work […]

T-Mobile USA to open registration for the BlackBerry Q10 April 29th (Business Customers Only)

Well that did not take long at all! T-Mobile will be opening registration for the BlackBerry Q10 on April 29th. This registration is currently only for business users, regular customers will have to wait. This wait should be about two weeks going by what we have seen in the past from T-Mobile. T-Mobile today announced […]

T-Mobile’s “UnCarrier” Event

As anticipated T-mobile held their “uncarrier” event today where they announced quite a few new things.  Now of course today marks the availability of the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile, but there were a few other new stories to come from the event.  Today T-Mobile announced their new Values Plans, as well as the introduction of their LTE network.  To top it […]

T-Mobile Releases the BlackBerry Z10 4G LTE!

It’s Tuesday March 26th 2013, T-Mobile has released the first ever BlackBerry Z10 4G LTE deivce!! The BlackBerry Z10 will be come the first 4G LTE device on T-Mobile’s new network (excluding the Galaxy S3 that has to have an update to get LTE). You can now pick up the BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile on […]

Houston We Have LTE from T-Mobile

Just the other day we posted a leaked document letting us know that T-Mobile was hoisting up their LTE network in several Cities on the 26th of March, well that’s today! Included in that list were Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, HOUSTON, Washington, DC, Kansas City and Baltimore. I woke up this morning grabbed my […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS from T-Mobile USA

Well, well, well, it is about time T-Mobile USA released an official OS update for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. T-Mobile is rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, now this update is currently only pulling through Desktop Software at this time. I did check T-Mobile’s official update site and it is still showing […]

T-Mobile Germany Is Selling BlackBerry Z10 Online

At the beginning of March we let you know that several German mobile telecoms were selling the BlackBerry Z10. At the time, T-Mobile De didn’t have a definitive date for launch. Now, the BlackBerry Z10 is showing up on their website for 149,95€ on a two year contract or 529,95€ outright.

***UPDATE***Leaked OS: BlackBerry Curve 9360 (GoldCode) OS from T-Mobile USA

    ***UPDATE*** I have received several reports that this OS is throwing errors at this time. The Error is: Error reading setup initialization file corrupt. Don’t waste your time downloading the OS. Here is something interesting that was sent over to me from Indra via @rr_yy OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 from […]

BlackBerry Z10 Displays Start Appearing at T-Mobile Retail Locations

With the official launch of the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile literally right around the corner (March 26th), T-Mobile has started prepping their displays. As you can see in the above image the dispaly/learning center at T-Mobile looks great and will be a great asset for customers and employees to get some hands on time with […]

T-Mobile’s LTE Network Lights Up In 7 Cities on March 26th

Well it looks like my rep at T-Mobile was right on the money when it cal to their LTE network being turned on in Houston on the 26th! According to a leaked document obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile will be lighting up their LTE network in seven cities across the US on March 26th. The cities […]

(***UPDATE*** Z10 to Be Released on March 26th!!) BlackBerry Z10 Shows Up on T-Mobile’s Website as “Coming Soon”

***UPDATE***@TMobileHelp “@IAmAmirHasan A date has already been announced. March 26th… ^KC” T-Mobile has just updated their website to show the BlackBerry Z10 as “coming soon”. This is a great sign that it will be released to everyone in the coming days. There still is no official launch date for T-Mobile at this time. Rumors have […]

T-Mobile Employees Start Training on the BlackBerry Z10 – BlackBerry Z10 Accessories Hit Stores

With the BlackBerry Z10 launch on T-Mobile right around the corner, we now know more information about their training of employees. BBE has received the images in this article which show off the training that the T-Mobile employees must complete to be able to sell the BlackBerry Z10. After the break you will see the […]

T-Mobile Planning March 26th Press Event, Changes to Wireless Network?

T-Mobile is sending out invites for a special event taking place on March 26th, it is speculated that they will announce their UNcarrier details. All Things D is reporting that a T-Mobile rep declined to comment on specifics, but we expect news on the new UNcarrier rates. We have caught news of T-Mobile’s Network Expansion of LTE Network that […]