SnapChat DoS issues discovered

Jaime Sanchez is a cyber security consultant for Telefonica in Spain and he has uncovered a little tiny itsy bitsy problem with SnapChat… one that can crash an iPhone… no biggie *shrug* While SnapChat is quite a clever app that has time limits on pictures and videos there has been quite a lot of controversy […]

Music Video: BlackBerry 10 It’s Different

Mobile LinkMikel Caldron gives another music video this time with a remake of It’s Different! Pull up to the scene with my button missing! Stand up #TEAMBLACKBERRY and be heard!! Hit the jump to download this song and others from Mikel

#TeamBlackBerry Do It Big with BlackNBerry!

Mobile Link #TeamBlackBerry want to show your love for BlackBerry along with new BlackBerry 10!? Well here is another music video from mikelcal (Mikel Calderon), Remember Proud to Be A BlackSheep,  this time a remake to Black N Berry! Stand up #TEAMBLACKBERRY and be heard!!  Everything we do we do on our Z10 Black N Berry! Hit the jump to download this song and others from Mikel

Pootermobile Offers BlackBerry 10 Developer Wallpapers For Your Blackberry

PooterMobile has just let us in to know that they have released some awesome new BlackBerry 10 developer wallpapers for you to download and use on your BlackBerry device. These cool dev wallpapers feature the Native, Cascades, Web, and Air in Black and White!

Show Your Love #TeamBlackBerry with your own Personal Badge!

#TeamBlackBerry! With the new BlackBerry 10 announcement just  4 short days away what better way to show your support and to give your social networks an update, with your very own BlackBerry badge. These awesome badges will allow you to upload your own person picture or whatever you choose to make a badge, custom with […]

Get In The Spirit With Some Free #TeamBlackBerry Wallpapers

Are you looking for that perfect wallpaper to show your support of #TeamBlackBerry?  Well RIM has just published 4 new wallpapers that will do just that.  The wallpapers are available for most legacy devices as well as the PlayBook, so hit the break for more information and the download links.

Download #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10 MP3

Mobile Link TeamBlackBerry we know you all love the hot new song “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10” from Lil E @BTBREPRESENTA I have definitely been jamming it on my BlackBerry PlayBook, now you can download this awesome song to your favorite BlackBerry device! Hit the break to get the link #NoSleepTillBlackBerry10

Mall Goers Surprised With BlackBerry Barkada Flashmob In The Philippines

There is no doubt that BlackBerry is a big thing in the Philippines   Recently a BlackBerry Barkada surprised mall goers at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium with a flashmob dedicated to their love of BlackBerry.  Lucky for all of us the whole thing was caught on tape and can be enjoyed in this 5 min video. […]

Pootermobile Offers Free Wallpapers For Your Blackberry Smart Phone And Your Tablet

This is fitting since we are on a #teamblackberry kick. The World Of Pootermobile has a bunch of Blackberry friendly and Blackberry themed wallpapers. From the smartphones, to the Playbook, you are sure to find a wallpaper you like.

Team Blackberry Wallpapers, Free Courtesy Of @BlackBerryUK

“Proud to Be #TeamBlackBerry” is the theme of these wallpapers. Nicely done to the people over at @BlackberryUK. How could you not be on team Blackberry when there is a cupcake with the BBM symbol on it? Team spirit! hit the break for the wallpapers!

Proud To Be A Black Sheep! #TEAMBLACKBERRY

Mobile Link We have seen a music video from mikelcal (Mikel Calderon) about BlackBerry before, but this on takes us “Black Sheep” to another level. mikelcal raps about the recent article from the NY Times, all we can do is say stand up #TEAMBLACKBERRY and be heard!! Hit the break for more.

Inside BlackBerry #BoldMove interview with Brett Gilmore

Recently the Inside BlackBerry Blog sent out a tweet asking people to submit their #BoldMove stories.  They were asking for any type of bold story, whether it be something simple or a grand move that would help change the world.  Inside BlackBerry received a ton of entries and they have published an interview with Brett […]

RIM’s Ceo is Answering the Top 10 Questions From #TeamBlackBerry Readers

There was an article that was published a few days ago regarding the biggest questions that BlackBerry Users had.  After much consideration and contemplation there were 10 questions that came above all.  Hit the Break to see the questions that Thorsten will need to answer.

Interview with Morgan Pressel — LPGA Golf Pro How She Stays Connected With Blackberry

Check out Golf Pro Morgan Pressel, she talks about why she uses a Blackberry with Inside Blackberry. YouTube Mobile Link

What Are The Top Blackberry Nicknames?

Team Blackberry put out a tweet asking people what they nicknamed their Blackberry. They had a huge response and instead of listing them, decided to create a wordle.