Promo Codes Being Tested Through Beta Zone

A new program is going to start in the Beta Zone. Users who join up can test out promo codes to be used in BlackBerry World. This is according to an email that is being sent out to Beta Testers who are being invited to join to test the promos. Right now it appears the […]


BlackBerry Virtual Expert App from BlackBerry Now Available – Test your BlackBerry Devices

Well this is really cool and I am not sure how we missed it, but BlackBerry has released an application to test your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry Virtual Expert is available in BlackBerry World for devices running BBOS 5 and up all the way to BlackBerry 10. Here is what BlackBerry had to say about the […]

Carrier Labs Testing is Starting Next Month for BB10 Devices

RIM has made the announcement that the Blackberry 10 devices will be  entering carrier testing labs next month. The carriers are starting to load the information for the BB10 devices on their websites as well.  This story is developing as the day continues, when we have more information we will make sure to keep you […]

3G/4G BlackBerry PlayBook Enter Carrier Testing Running OS 2.0.1

The 3G & 4G BlackBerry PlayBook has been on a lot of people minds lately myself included. There is new information going around that both models have entered carrier testing running OS 2.0.1. Hit the break for more on this.

BlackBerry Protect has finally been released

The long awaited BlackBerry Protect is a free application similar to SmrtGuard. BlackBerry Protect has a ton of features to help you keep your BlackBerry “Protected”, check out the features below: Remote Device Management: Remote wipe Remote lock and ‘Lost and Found’ screen Remote activate loud ringer Cell Tower and GPS device tracking Over the […]

Rumor: RIM is testing Horizontal BlackBerry keypads

The rumor mill is hard at work today the folks over at N4BB have received info from multiple sources that say yes RIM is working on a few horizontal keyboard designs for future BlackBerry devices. They were told that testers have been given the keyboards to see just how comfortable and efficient it is to type on. “The […]

AppVerse from Mobihand in Beta Testing – Social Network for App Discoveries

  Mobihand is beta testing a new social network called AppVerse. AppVerse will let you discover mobile apps in Mobihands website. With the social aspect of AppVerse you can meet new people, read/write reviews on apps, rate your favorite apps, track expert app reviews. As for developers, AppVerse lets you interact with users who buy, rate, and review […]

New Photo Translator App From Shape Services

We have a nice new beta app for all of you to try today. Elena over at Shape Services, makers of IM+Talk and IM+Messenger, has let us know about their new beta app Photo Translator. This app is great for anyone that travels or isn’t necessarily fluent in all the languages they may encounter on […]

Big Red Stopped Testing BlackBerry OS6 on the Storm2 9550?

Looks like VZW has stopped testing BlackBerry 6 builds, and will probably wait for Storm2 refresh or a Storm3 is released. Why has testing stopped? The 256MB of RAM is number one, as well as some other factors. It’s sad for current Storm2 users who were hoping to get in on some BlackBerry 6 love.  […]