The Jared Company to Offer Paid Apps for Free!

We just received an email from Steven over at The Jared Company, letting us know that they were going to start offering their long time special customers to start getting select paid apps for free from App World. Here is what Steven had to say: We will start by giving you access to some of […]


Jared Company survey shows 70% of existing BlackBerry users plan on upgrading to BlackBerry 10

If you are not familiar with The Jared Company, they are a development house that has been making BlackBerry apps for quite a while now.  Recently they decided to reach out their email subscribers to see how many of their users were planning on upgrading to BlackBerry 10 when the devices are finally released.  Surprisingly […]

The Vault Pro app makes losing your wallet a less stressful event

I am sure that everyone has been there.  That moment when you realize that you gave lost your wallet or purse, which is of course followed by the agonizing realization that you are now going to have to cancel all your credit cards and report your license as missing, etc.  Basically it can quickly become thew worst […]

Share your photos on Twitter and Facebook with Instigram for BlackBerry

The Jared Co. has released a new app called Instigram for BlackBerry, before you all say anything about the name we have already had the discussion and have a pool going to see how long it is before this gets yanked from App World because of infringement.

Screen Grabber Pro On Sale for Only $.99!

Screen Grabber allows you to take screenshot of your Blackberry screen and allows you to share them with anyone, it is Simple. Easy.Useful.  The best part of this app is there is no watermark on the screengrab and no ads. SCREEN GRABBER: With a single click take a screen shot of your BlackBerry Screen. TapDone. […]

Free Apps from The Jared Company!

  Scan the above barcode to head over to The Jared Company’s free OTA web page! Michael from The Jared Company sent me an email telling me about how they has set up a web page for all of their free apps. Here is the link to The Jared Company’s free app OTA list […]

Win A BlackBerry Torch from The Jared Company! – Enter The Holiday Sweepstakes Today!

I just received an e-mail from my good friend Michael over at The Jared Company, Telling me about their latest sweepstakes. The Jared Company is giving away not one but two Brand New BlackBerry Torch’s!!! If you are not fimillar with The Jared Company, They are the developers of such BlackBerry Apps as PowerBoss, ASAP – Ignore […]